10 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Caught In Destiny 2

There are a lot of Easter Eggs to find in Destiny 2 and the developers seem to be adding more and more with every bit of DLC. Players can spend as much time hunting down all the secret references, inside jokes, and shout outs as they will hunting aliens.

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While an exhaustive list is far too large for this article here are some Easter Eggs only fans of the Destiny series would be aware of or have been able to find.

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10 Hard Light Is The Iphone

It turns out that the lore descriptor for the Hard Light is a reference to the keynote speech Steve Jobs gave about the original iPhone. They both start out with the line, “Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products…” and then diverge slightly as one is talking about a handheld phone and the other a powerful weapon.

Both refer to the fact that the device is really three products combined into one and is a great homage to an interesting real-life technological development for mankind, even if you’re not a fan of Apple products.

9 The Floor Is Lava

This amusing Easter Egg is a challenge that’ll provide you with some nostalgic entertainment when you’re between missions. At the Tower you can initiate this fun activity by finding an object that says Don’t Pick Me Up in a catwalk near the Postmaster. Picking it up turns the ground into a harmful surface and you’re goal is to reach a beam of light without dying.

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It’s a short distraction and a reference to that globally known game that children played for fun. Turns out it’s still fun in adulthood and makes for an interesting quest to complete.

8 Don’t Look Back In Anger

On the moon of Jupiter known as Io players can initiate a quest that takes them to the Lost Oasis. The name of this quest is Don’t Look Back In Anger which seems to have little bearing with what’s taking place at the time and is a strange name for this given quest.

In reality it’s a very subtle reference to a song called Don’t Look Back In Anger which was performed by a band called Oasis. It makes you wonder if it was one of the developer’s favorite bands or someone thought it would be a clever joke when they included it in the game.

7 Watermelon Shader

Throughout the game players can earn shaders to change the appearance of their armor and weapons. One shader in particular called Watermelon gives the player a green appearance and would seem little more than a quirky shader to casual players.

It’s actually a reference to an online comic series called Exotic Watermelon EXO which is about a character named Exo and his adventures in the world of Destiny. His appearance is the same strange greenish shade as the Watermelon shader.

6 Redrix’s Lost Quest

Redrix’s Broadsword is a divisive weapon for fans given how annoying it is to obtain. It requires completing a series of tedious quests like getting Heroic Valor Rank in the Crucible or dealing 200 Pulse Rifle final blows. As a result only about 1% of the fanbase had this weapon in 2018.

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It turns out that each step of the quest to obtain this weapon was named after various episode titles from the TV show Lost. Step one is Orientation which was season two episode three or step three is The Candidate which is season six episode 14. It’s only appropriate that a divisive weapon contains an Easter Egg for an equally divisive show.

5 Giant Traveler Ball

This is little more than a fun distraction for you to enjoy, at least until other Guardians swoop in and try to play with your toy or try and throw it off a cliff. The Giant Traveler Ball is literally a giant ball the player can kick around and interact with.

To obtain it players need to find four smaller colored balls and deliver them to specific areas. Once the last colored ball has been kicked to the right place a bunch of fireworks will go off and the Giant Traveler Ball will spawn.

4 Sea Monster

On the moon of Saturn players will be embroiled in a tough fight against both the Hive and the Fallen for dominion of the rocky outpost. It’s hard to be observant during intense fighting from two separate factions during this time, but there is a cool Easter Egg to find.

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In the vast oceans near the Golden Age infrastructure if you peer into the water you may notice things moving within the depths. It’s unclear what they are or if they’ll serve a purpose down the road, but for now it’s fun for fans to speculate.

3 Days Since Last Incident

This amusing Easter Egg is located on the tower near where Cayde-6 used to stand. There’s a wall with the familiar workplace sign “Site Safety: Days Since Last Accident” with a counter. Nine times out of ten the number will register as zero because there’s almost always a daily incident.

It turns out the counter will actually track how many players fall or jump to their deaths and reset the clock each time it happens. This creates an interesting phenomenon as players finding out about it will test to see if it works or intentionally sabotage the community’s goal to raise the counter number.

2 Dedicated Sweeper Bot

This Easter Egg is a throwback to the first Destiny game. Players became enamored with a Sweeper Bot that was tirelessly cleaning the hallway of the Tower and likely had been at it for hundreds of years.

In Destiny 2 the Tower has been attacked, but amidst the destruction and ruin that same Sweeper Bot is found in the same hallway, passively sweeping for what will likely be another hundred years.

1 Grunt Birthday Party

Probably the best Easter Egg in the game that few players know about is the Grunt Birthday Party mechanic. This Easter Egg is a reference to an Easter Egg found in the Halo series. In that game players were able to cause Grunt’s heads to pop with confetti when killed by a head shot.

It functions the same way in Destiny 2 but only in the Last Wish raid. Look up a guide to know where to go and the correct code to plugin to activate it, but it’s a great way to enjoy the Last Wish raid and relive some of the nostalgia of playing Bungie’s older series.

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