10 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Caught In The Sims 4

If there's one game known for its sense of humor, it's definitely The Sims franchise. Each game of the series has been filled with quirky little details and funny references that sometimes even the most devoted fans can miss. Despite for how long The Sims 4 has been out, there are still many hidden secrets and easter eggs that most people have absolutely no idea about.

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Thankfully we're here to spill the beans and share with you 10 of the juiciest and eye-opening easter eggs from The Sims 4.

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10 Quirky Game References

Whether your Sims are passionate gamers themselves or not, most of them will be familiar with at least a few of the simpler computer games available. Each of these games are actually references and inspired by real life games and game concepts.

Blickblock, for instance, takes inspiration from Tetris, while the game Density Effect is a fun play on words to reference Mass Effect. There are also other games like R.E.F.U.G.E. which resembles The Elder Scrolls series and The Sims Forever which is basically The Sims but for our Sims, if that makes sense.

9 Harry Potter

Games are not the only pieces of entertainment that get references from our popular culture. In fact, many of the TV series, movies and books available for our Sims are equally just as familiar. One noteworthy example is Henry Puffer and his adventures, which can be read within the game and obviously references the all popular Harry Potter series.

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This imaginary book also inspired one of the best and most popular fan-made stuff packs known as the Pufferhead Stuff pack, which essentially comes with all sorts of decoration and tons of clothing items to satisfy your Pufferhead Sim's nerdy needs.

8 Soot Sprites Of Spirited Away

Popular culture has also acted as inspiration for many of the items and creatures of the world of Sims. If your Sim decides to take a camping trip to Granite Falls, they might encounter very familiar looking black specks of fluffy dust.

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Upon further inspection, these creatures are actually extremely rare insects known as Dust Spirits, and they look exactly like the adorable Soot Sprites from Hayao Miyazaki's animated movie Spirited Away.

7 The Loch Ness Monster

The Sims universe is full of strange creatures from aliens to dust sprites to vampires and now even mermaids. Few, however, are aware of the fact that it's also inhabited by the infamous sea monster Nessie.

Nessie's actually been a part of the Sims franchise since the game's first installment and you can spot her in both Old Town as well as Vacation Island. She also makes an entrance in The Sims 4 if the player travels to The Bluffs in Windenburg.

6 Renegades And Paragons

If you happen to own Get Together, you'll have the possibility to create your own clubs with their own respective rules and guidelines. Some clubs are highly exclusive and might even have bad relations to a rival club. Such is the case between the Paragons and Renegades, which might just seem like a rivalry between the popular kids and the tough kids.

However, the clubs are actually a reference to Mass Effect, where the player gets to choose between the two sides of the story. Again, in The Sims 4, you can choose to join either club.

5 Stranger Things In Strangerville

Netflix's super popular 1980s horror TV series Stranger Things has taken the world by storm, and even the developers at EA couldn't resist sprinkling in some juicy references to the series inside The Sims 4. What better way to bring such strangeness to the series than by including it in the Strangerville Game Pack, in which your Sim will be tasked with solving an odd case of contamination in the small town of Strangerville.

Once you unlock the first part of the lab, awfully familiar looking vines will be hanging on the walls and on the floor of the hallway, just like in Stranger Things.

4 Homeless Camp

Unfortunately, not all references are that nice in the game, but they're done for the sake of perhaps raising awareness of making a subtle commentary on a dire situation. In Del Sol Valley, if the player loads up Mirage Park and uses the free camera to look around the nearby bridge, a rather bleak view will come into sight.

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Camps, most likely set up by homeless Sims, are set up underneath this underpass. Since Del Sol Valley is based on Los Angeles, where homelessness is a big issue, it's safe to assume the designers wanted to include a touch of reality.

3 New Girl

Many of the households in The Sims 4 have been around for a long time, and although many of them have changed overtime, with families merging and their members changing from each installment to another, they're all iconic to fans.

One of the most iconic households is the Roomies family, which in The Sims 4 looks surprisingly a lot like another very popular TV series starring Zooey Deschanel. Upon closer inspection, the Roomies are almost a perfect copy of New Girl's cast.

2 Tragic Clown

The tragic clown has been around for a long time in The Sims franchise, since the very first game in fact. It has always appeared in pieces of art and at unlikely times, when our Sims feel lonely and unhappy. The tragic clown appears in The Sims 4 in the form of a painting, which will have a significant emotional impact on anyone who chooses to view this highly cursed painting.

It will also summon the Tragic Clown himself to the player's house and it's highly difficult to actually get rid of him. So, view this painting at your own risk!

1 Kites Of Brindleton Bay

The Sims 4 is a pretty immersive world, with loads of incredible details to really make you feel like your Sims live in a real universe. Sometimes, however, developers need to take shortcuts to meet deadlines. If you travel to Cavalier Cove in Brindleton Bay, you'll notice two figures flying kites in the background.

Zooming closer with the free camera will quickly reveal that these are not regular NPC Sims, but actually just 2D figures standing still.

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