EA's Instagram Bombed with Skate 4 Demands

ea instagram bombed by skate 4 demands

With the iconic E3 gaming expo just a month away, it comes as no surprise that fans are demanding Skate 4 from publisher Electronic Arts. The game itself, which isn't likely in development, has become a bit of a phenomenon, as fans demand it year after year. In fact, another skating simulator called Session hopes to seize some of that hype when it launches later this year, but that hasn't stopped the demand for Skate 4.

The most recent public plea for Skate 4 comes from a comment-bombing of EA's Instagram. On a post sharing the dates (June 8-9) of its own pre-E3 2019 showcase, EA Play, fans posted an overwhelming number of comments asking for Skate 4. At the time of this writing, this post has over 18K likes and nearly 1,500 comments, with the majority of those comments being related to Skate 4.

These comments range from something as simple as "Skate 4!" to the hashtag #makeskateagain and the ever-passive aggressive remark, "we want Skate 4 but ok." But for those who are out of tune with why Skate 4 has such a cult following, it's worth mentioning that this comment-bombing is just the latest in a long run of news circulating the non-existent (as far as we know) Skate 4.

The last entry, Skate 3, launched back in 2010, meaning that this game has had the opportunity to be brought up-to-date with current-gen power and graphics. It was also teased about 2 years ago by an EA community manager before the company stated that, at the time, Skate 4 was not in development. When E3 2017 came to pass, many felt cheated by the lack of any announcement, but then rumors began to build prior to E3 2018.

A promo image and retail listing leak supposedly confirmed the existence of Skate 4, so when it came to pass that it was not announced at E3 2018 either, it was definitely one of the biggest disappointments at E3 2018. Sadly, although we are on the road to E3 2019, there has been no teasing or hints that it is in development, but there is clearly a high demand for Skate 4.

On the other hand, it's possible that EA has decided to not show its hands by announcing what would clearly be a well-received game (though this would be shifted from the now-defunct EA Black Box to another studio). Skate 4 is by no means confirmed, but there is a laundry list of games confirmed to appear. So, check our complete list of every confirmed E3 2019 game so far.

Source: Electronic Arts Official Instagram

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