Nintendo Direct news continues with another major announcement that was a very, very long time coming.

Logic tells us that if a system was being implemented such as the Virtual Console, it would allow gamers to not only download older games from their childhood, but pay for them again, pushing the most beloved titles go to the front of the line. Instant cash cow. Instead, we got Milon’s Secret Castle. But now all of that is about to change because Nintendo is wising up. The glory that is EarthBound will be gracing North American and European consoles again for the first time since 1995.

Nintendo happily announced during the presentation that EarthBound is coming to North America and Europe for the Wii U Virtual Console. It is already available in Japan.

Why is this so big? EarthBound is a Super Nintendo title, so playing it is next to impossible unless you already own a copy, or unless you download it as a ROM — which we all know you have. Shame on you! Buying it today in its Super Nintendo cartridge form will set you back almost $300 if you want it in great condition — even a used copy goes for around $200. But a mint conditioned copy can go for up to $6000!

People will pay these outrageous prices because they love this game and for good reason. It’s one of the most creative, bizarre and brilliant RPG series’ in history. But the main reason EarthBound is so beloved is because, for most Americans at least, it’s the only game in the series that they’ve played. Mother 1 was only released for the Japanese Famicom, and Mother 3 for the Super Famicom. Mother 2 (EarthBound) was the only title in the series ported to North America, but it’s still arguably the best the series, so we lucked out.

Earthbound Virtual Console Outcry

Due to the Wii U‘s ability to share pictures and write public messages in Nintendo communities, like MiiVerse, fans have utilized it to create a sort of public outcry for the title to make its way to Virtual Console. The message was finally received. Now EarthBound will be made available for a new generation of gamers, who will likely fall in love with its weirdness as much as we did. When that is exactly, isn’t clear.

EarthBound has no official release date, but is expected by the end of this year.

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Source: Nintendo Direct

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