Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable Vita

Who says the Vita doesn’t have any games? From next week onward, Vita owners can look forward to three high quality titles: New Little King’s Story, Rainbow Moon and Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable.

Releasing today in Japan, Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is the third game in the popular Earth Defense Force franchise, and was originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2007 (hence the name change). EDF 2017 just happens to be one of the key titles that influenced us to write our Why The Vita Needs More Japanese Games editorial, pressing Sony and third-parties to bring Japan-exclusive games stateside. The announcement also bodes well for a localization of Earth Defense Force 4, which – while revealed earlier this month – has yet to receive a North American release date.

EDF 2017 is widely thought  to be superior to 2011’s EDF: Insect Armageddon (read our review). Those in the “2017 is better than IA” camp will be glad to hear that the Vita version comes packed with loads of extra content, including online co-op and a brand new character. In any case, it also means I won’t have to import the game for $80.

Rainbow Moon Coming To Vita

Also making its way to the Vita is the PS3 SRPG Rainbow Moon. The game was originally published by East Asia Software, known for the Soldner-X games on the PlayStation Network. Rainbow Moon was one of many high quality PSN titles released during the Summer – not to mention a sleeper hit. The studio received a multitude of requests to bring the game to Vita, and who could resist that much demand? Unfortunately, East Asia Soft revealed to IGN that it won’t be able to offer the Vita version for free – a la Sound Shapes or All-Stars Battle Royale – however, it is looking into a solution for owners of the PS3 version.

“Because we aren’t using any third party engine or framework that was already designed to work on both platforms, we estimate that it will take us roughly nine months to port Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita, which is a very substantial amount of time.”

“Although we can’t afford to do a completely free download for all buyers of the PS3 game, we are definitively looking into discounted options for customers that wish to purchase both release versions at the same time… we won’t be charging double the price if you want to buy both releases at the same time.”

East Asia Soft says the port will take roughly nine months to complete. That being said, the game will be a straight port of the PS3 version, though the studio is looking into Vita specific features like cross saves.

Finally, Konami has also dated the Vita version of New Little King’s Story for a release next Tuesday. The game will come with many improvements over the Wii original, including updated graphics and a new storyline.  Rear touch controls have also been incorporated to better manage citizens, while NPC characters have been greatly expanded upon to give players a deeper experience.

Check out the game’s trailer and some new screenshots below.

New Little King's Story Party

Which of these new Vita games are you most looking forward to?

New Little King’s Story releases October 2, 2012.

Rainbow Moon releases in 2013.

Earth Defense Force 2017 is currently without a release date.

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