Ubisoft demonstrates gameplay from the upcoming Eagle Flight VR, a virtual reality title that puts players in the form of an eagle flying over the city of Paris.

Now that the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have both launched, Ubisoft has shifted its focus accordingly. During the company’s E3 Press Conference earlier today, a panel of players provided an in-game demonstration of Eagle Flight VR, an upcoming highly stylistic virtual reality game which is controlled with movement from both a headset and a handheld controller.

Within Eagle Flight VR, players assume the role of an eagle flying through the skies above Paris. The game takes place fifty years after humans have inexplicably vanished from the planet, and it doesn’t take much to see how Nature has reclaimed the land: trees creep over crumbling paths, and escaped zoo animals seem to have repopulated sections of the city. The game keeps things pretty simple when it comes to graphics, which is a growing trend in the hardware-demanding world of virtual reality.

During the E3 2016 presentation, the studio demonstrated a player versus player portion of the game, which pits teams of players against eachother in a 3 vs 3 game mode similar to capture the flag. Within it, each team attempts to catch a rabbit and successful return it to their respective nest, before they get taken out by the rival team’s eagles, which are capable of shooting down rival birds. The game seemed to play out in a best of 3 scenario.

Here’s a clip from the Eagles Flight VR demonstration below:

The bird-based title was one of two virtual reality games showcased by Ubisoft during the company’s E3 Press Conference, with the other being the much more stationary Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which made its debut with plenty of celebrity endorsement. Footage of Eagle Flight VR has been around for months now, though this is the first time the title has been under such a massive spotlight.

The game will also feature a single player portion upon its release, which will allow gamers to perform a variety of self-described ring parkour stunts and shooting challenges. The game allow for up to six players to compete in the game’s two multiplayer modes. While the bunny-based gameplay was demonstrated today, the other mode will have players attacking and pursuing eachother, which encourages more ‘dog fights’ to take place over the Parisian skyline.

Are you interested in picking up a copy of Eagle Flight VR, Ranters?

Eagle Flight VR will swoop onto VR headsets everywhere sometime this fall. That includes the PlayStation VR, too.