EA is ‘Proud’ to Officially Back GaymerCon

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EA (arguably) engages in some questionable business practices – enough to have the mega-publisher voted worst company in America. However, those sick of online passes might be surprised to hear that EA is officially throwing in support for GaymerCon.

Running from August 3rd-4th, 2013 in San Francisco, California, GaymerCon is the first gaming convention for the LGBTQ geek crowd. Essentially, it’s a safe place where gamers of all orientations can come together and enjoy their hobby – and yes, that includes straight gamers as well.

Electronic Arts has pledged its support for the convention, and will be bringing a smattering of titles to the show floor. We have yet to hear which games will be included, given that August 2013 is still very far away – and many of the games that EA will bring probably have yet to be announced.

EA’s Ginger Maseda had this to say about their support of GaymerCon (as well as the LGBTQ gaming community):

“EA believes that to be truly innovative, you must be inclusive. We are proud to be a part of this event.”

This isn’t the first time EA has shown its support for gay rights. Earlier this year, the publisher received thousands of anti-gay letters threatening to boycott the company. Outrage stemmed from optional same-sex relationships in games like Mass Effect 3 and The Old Republic. EA addressed these letters, refusing to back down and/or censor its games.

EA will also be joined by other industry leaders in support of GaymerCon, most notably the Xbox Live team – and Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade fame. With just under a year left until GaymerCon kicks off, we’re interested to see what other industry members will show their support for the convention. The games industry is often criticized for catering solely to the straight male demographic – and by supporting conventions like GaymerCon publishers and developers definitely open the door to a much larger community of gamers (of all sexual orientations or genders).

GaymerCon recently tripled its Kickstarter goal of $25,000 – collecting $91,389 in funding. Stretch goals included a live concert and special celebrity guest – both of which were reached before donations had closed.

GaymerCon runs August 3-4, 2013.

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Source: GaymerCon (via MCVUK)