EA Confirmed for 'Star Wars' Celebration; First 'Battlefront' Footage Inbound?

Star Wars Celebration 2015

It's been a dark few years for Star Wars fans. First, BioWare's promising MMORPG The Old Republic failed to live up to gamers' (admittedly high) expectations. Next, renowned but creatively floundering development studio LucasArts was closed after Disney's acquired the Star Wars franchise. With the bitter taste of the prequels still lingering in fans' mouths, it almost seemed like Star Wars had, at long last, finally overstayed it's welcome.

But from the ashes, a new hope rises. Shortly after buying Star Wars for a cool $4 billion, Disney ushered a series of new films through development, reuniting the beloved original cast and chronicling their adventures after the fall of the evil Empire. The first film in the new trilogy, The Force Awakens, hits on December 18, 2015; the next main installment reaches theaters in May, 2017, with a stand-alone feature called Star Wars: Rogue One coming in-between.

Things are looking up on Star Wars' gaming side, too. After their purchase, Disney sold the rights to Star Wars video games to Electronic Arts, who almost immediately started developing the next installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront series. Battlefront is a first-person, multiplayer-heavy shooter that will allow players to personally reenact some of the greatest moments in Star Wars history - and to create some new ones, too. Production is being handled by DICE of Battlefield fame, so the developers clearly know what they're doing. As such, the big question surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront isn't whether or not it'll be any good, but when will we actually get to see it?

Star Wars Battlefront Logo

The answer might come sooner rather than later. Electronic Arts has been confirmed as one of the exhibitors at this year's Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, which takes place April 16-19. The bi-annual convention, which celebrates anything and everything set in a galaxy far, far away, should be huge this year, with excitement over the upcoming sequel trilogy reaching fever pitch. While EA hasn't actually said anything yet, there'd be no better place to show off gameplay footage than a convention hall filled with hungry fans.

Star Wars: Battlefront is currently scheduled for this winter, alongside the release of The Force Awakens. If Battlefront mysteriously doesn't appear at the Star Wars Celebration, than E3 is almost a shoe-in. Either way, it won't be too much longer before players get their first look at Star Wars: Battlefront's sprawling campaign and massive battles. This Star Wars fan, for one, can't wait.

Star Wars: Battlefront is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It's currently scheduled for winter, 2015.

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