‘EA Sports UFC’ Gets First Next-Gen Trailer

By | 3 years ago 

Prior to the collapse of THQ and the sale of all of the company’s assets, a deal was struck between the now defunct publisher and Electronic Arts that saw the latter gain control of the rights to the UFC video game franchise. EA has been hyping the imminent arrival of the octagon-based combat sim for several months, and now the developer has finally gotten around to showing the game off — albeit a very brief glimpse of the realistic graphics that await gamers on next generation hardware.

The new game, now apparently titled EA Sports UFC, is aiming to be the best looking UFC game yet, and the newly released trailer makes that very apparent right from the get-go. Featuring a number of prominent fighters such as Georges St. Pierre, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones, and Chuck Liddell in the trailer, alongside others, the documentary-esque showcase is used in order to highlight the process of bringing these icons into the actual game.

EA Sports UFC Trailer

Suffice to say, the end result appears to have paid off, as EA Sports UFC looks great and the playable combatants that’ll be making up the roster all look very similar to the real-world athletes they represent. Even the entrances have been customized to match the way that the UFC fighters themselves enter the octagon, making the entire experience as authentic to the actual product that can be watched on television.

EA first began generating buzz for the title during E3 2013, but the initial trailer that was released only featured cinematics of pre-rendered combat. Now that gamers are finally able to see the title in action, it’s good to see that the teaser footage wasn’t that far off from the genuine article. It’s not farfetched to assess that each fighter is more detailed than any that debuted in past THQ-funded titles, but the processing power of the Xbox One and PS4 are largely responsible for that.

What do you think of the latest trailer, Ranters? Do you think the UFC license is in good hands at EA?


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