Be Water in ‘EA Sports UFC’ With Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee hasn’t been with us since 1973, but his legacy has left a lasting impression on a number of people. Despite being idolized for his on-screen and real-world abilities as a martial artist, it’s almost tragic how understated Lee’s philosophies have been on the masses. Fortunately, Electronic Arts and UFC have seen the importance in the icon’s ideologies and as a result have decided to feature the king of the one-inch punch as a playable fighter in the upcoming EA Sports UFC.

Since it was announced that Bruce Lee will be joining the fray, it goes without saying that some gamers and octagon fans that aren’t familiar with Lee are a little baffled by the decision to include the Enter The Dragon star. In order to shine a light on the importance of the man as a mixed martial artist, EA Sports has released a new trailer showcasing his philosophies and how they’ve impacted modern day UFC fighters.

While Bruce Lee has appeared in many other video games in the past, there’s little debate that his appearance in EA Sports UFC provides gamers with the most realistic rendering of the actor yet. Considering the quality of the graphics on display in the latest trailer, not to mention the initial reveal footage, fight fans should at the very least be in for a decent looking romp through octagon.

Bruce Lee EA Sports UFC Trailer

Despite the severe lack of in-engine, one-inch punches in the trailer, it’s sure to appeal to fans of Bruce Lee as both a fighter and philosopher. Those hoping to unlock Lee right from the get-go will have to lay down money in advance and pre-order the title, but others still on the fence should know that the combatant can still be unlocked through other means via the completion of in-game tasks — although that’s a much more challenging process.

Are you excited to take on the role of Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC? Do you think the Dragon is suited for combat in the octagon?


EA Sports UFC hits store shelves on June 17th, 2014 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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