EA Sports President Developing 'Persistent Social Profile'

EA Sports Persistent Profile (Peter Moore)

The era of ‘Gaming 3.0’ is upon us, at least according to EA Sports president Peter Moore. During his keynote address at the MI6 game marketing conference Moore revealed new ideas that he feels will lead the way in ‘Gaming 3.0.’

Moore spent much of his keynote addressing the increase in digital delivery methods in the game industry. The more gamers get used to and accept digital delivery, the more important it becomes to game companies.

EA estimated that the ‘digital gaming market’ accounted for $19.9 billion of the $44.2 billion total industry. Moore described the current industry landscape as similar to that of the music industry a decade ago; Companies were happy with the in story purchase model and they didn’t deliver what consumers wanted (digital purchases). Because of this, “consumers took matters into their own hands.” Digital delivery isn't always digital purchases either, Moore says that digital delivery can simply allow for gamers to access new content, whether that’s from your friends or game companies, without having to leave your personal system. Sony is also looking at stepping up its digital distrobution model for the new NGP (but not for the next PlayStation).

The tangible ways that Moore presented for integrating digital delivery included plans for a single social profile for every user. This profile would track and connect every experience a gamer has with the company’s games, regardless of platform. This will allow for better records and stats to be kept for the end user, as well as the ability to carry elements from one game to the next.

"It's no longer, 'Buy Madden 11 and then buy Madden 12 and start from scratch.' It's, 'Buy Madden 11 and take everything you've done into Madden 12.'"

While the idea would probably start with carrying achievements and stat records from one game to the next, it could go as far as carrying franchises and ‘Be a Pro’ careers from year to year. Anyone who’s built a Pro Bowl player in Madden only to have to start from scratch the following year would welcome this ability with open arms.

What do you think of Moore’s vision of a more ‘socially connected and digitally available’ gaming environment? Is this really a possibility or an industry pipe-dream?


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Sources: PastaPadre & Gamespot


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