EA may be adding another subscription service to its repertoire. According to multiple online sources, information pointing to a new EA Sports subscription service for home consoles has popped up in a paid consumer survey. The service would supposedly give Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers special access and perks for an annual fee.

According to the alleged survey, the subscription service will include perks like exclusive DLC, the ability to transfer paid content from current titles to future titles and more.

The transferring of content was something we reported on a few weeks ago. At the time EA Sports president Peter Moore mentioned the feature as part of a ‘persistent social profile’ that they were developing, it’s possible this new subscription service is what he was referring to.

Another perk included in the service would be access to ‘full downloadable versions of participating titles before they come out in store’. These full versions would be temporary versions that would be available until the game is released at retail, after which you would need to purchase the game in order to continue playing. All of your achievements and progress would transfer to the retail copy.

The service would also grant subscribers discounts on EA Sports DLC, access to members only tournaments and promotions and access to web-based features.

While the screenshot that originated this rumor doesn’t mention a price for this service, posts on various FIFA forums reveled more screen shots that gave more detailed pricing information (anywhere between $14.99 to $34.99 annually). You can look at all the screenshots below for more information.

The question now becomes will gamers pay for this service? EA has already begun charging gamers for online access when they buy a game used; adding another potential charge on top of that may cause more backlash, especially for franchises which don’t offer much new each year. Would you pay an annual fee for access to EA Sports titles early and additional content discounts? Take a look at the screenshots and let us know in the comments and on Twitter.

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