EA's Madden Pigskin Pro-Am Challenge Scores This Sunday

Madden 11 Pig Skin Pro Am Challenge Powered By GameStop

If I asked NFL fans to name the greatest Quarterback/Wide Receiver combination of all time, there would be a large percentage who answer “Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.” Well, it's very possible that despite several Super Bowl rings together, this Sunday, August 8th at 7:00pm EST on ABC, we'll see the greatest pass/catch combo ever - Joe Montana and... Actress/Journalist, Maria Menounos.

This weekend prior to the Hall of Fame game, between the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinati Bengals, kicking off the start of the NFL season, and as part of the EA Sports’ launch of Madden NFL 11, ABC will air the Madden Pigskin Pro-Am Challange powered by GameStop.

The Pro-Am is a flag-football game featuring two teams, the Gamers and Famers, consisting of actors, actresess, and Hall of Fame, as well as future Hall of Fame, NFL players.

Here are the full rosters:


Quinton Aaron (Actor — Michael Oher in The Blind Side)

Marcus Allen

Shannon Elizabeth (Actress, Model)

Joe Manganiello (Actor -- Werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO’s True Blood)

Ryan McPartlin (Actor — Chuck)

Maria Menounos (Actress/Journalist — Correspondent for Access Hollywood)

Joe Montana

Jerry Rice

Deion Sanders, Captain

Tony Gonzalez, Coach


Ashlan Gorse (Correspondent for E!)

Michael Irvin

Stacy Keibler (Actress/Former Pro Wrestler)

Jesse Plemons (Actor — Landry Clarke on NBC’s Friday Night Lights)

Craig Robinson (Actor/Comedian — Host of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”)

Shannon Sharpe, Captain

James Van Der Beek (Actor)

Kurt Warner

Rod Woodson

Terrell Owens, Coach

While we can't reveal the winner of the game, I can tell you its a real nail biter. James Van Der Beek shows no signs of rust, since not being on the field since Varsity Blues, after putting together 6 catches for 71 yards with 3 Touchdowns. In addition, Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice returned a kickoff for a 40-yard touchdown.

However, while those were great performances - with 5 receptions for 55 yards, a TD, and a sack for good measure, Maria Menounos took home the hardware as the games MVP.

Madden 11 Pigskin Pro Am MVP Maria Menounos

With Joe Montana trying to seal the win, Famers' Rod Woodson gets an interception which leads to a score giving the Famers' their first lead of the day. With one last chance at victory, Montana throws a bomb to "Neon" Deion Sanders - who gets his flag stripped from him with just seconds left to play. Gamers' coach, Tony Gonzalez wisely calls timeout before taking their last shot at the endzone.

Does Joe Montana have one miracle pass left in his golden arm? You can find out for yourself on Sunday, August 8th, at 7:00pm EST only on ABC.

Madden NFL 11 comes out this Tuesday, August 10th on Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii and iDevices.

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