EA Sports Experiments with 'Fight Night' on the Kinect

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Think you have the will and endurance to go ten rounds with Mike Tyson? If not, you may want to reconsider your exercise regiment, since EA Sports is openly discussing the possibility of a motion-controlled version of the Fight Night franchise for the Kinect. Don't worry if you're not in great shape yet. Motion controls are not included in the upcoming Fight Night Champion, but could be included in a future installment of Fight Night.

With the Kinect selling approximately eight million units over the course of two months, it is no surprise that EA Sports is looking to bring its popular Fight Night franchise into the world of motion control. As a gameplay experience, boxing would appear to be one of the most intuitive sports to bring to the Kinect since the device can see a player's full body and detect broad movements fairly accurately. However, previous attempts at bringing boxing to the motion-controlled world have not gone so smoothly. The mini-games found in both Wii Sports and Ubisoft's Motion Sports were very shallow and repetitive affairs.

In order to avoid the disappointment of those titles, we would hope and expect that any future motion-control scheme for Fight Night would closely mimic real-life boxing. Gamers would finally be able to throw punches as nature intended without those pesky Xbox 360 controllers getting in the way. Imagine the thrill of seeing your meek real-world punches causing real-time brutal damage to your opponent? And if the latest and by far most realistic installment of Fight Night is any indication, you may find yourself instinctively wiping your opponent's blood spatter off your brow upon completion of your victory.

But before beginning your Rocky Balboa training montage in order to prepare for your first match, Fight Night Champion producer Mike Mahar stated that he was unsure whether EA Sports would introduce a new full version of Fight Night specifically for the Kinect or would opt for an included mini-game that would take into consideration the stamina and physical endurance limitations of real gamers. Frankly, most gamers probably couldn't simulate three rounds of a boxing match, let alone ten. However, such a game would certainly silence claims that there are no "hardcore" titles on the Kinect.

At this point, EA Sports is still exploring the possibilities and testing a prototype, all while taking into account the desires of Fight Night fans. During his interview, Mahar also briefly referenced EA Sports MMA while discussing the Kinect. Unless the game comes with a wrestling dummy for you to scissor lock, we think that a Mixed Martial Arts title may not be quite as immersive.

Think you could last 10 rounds of simulated boxing? Eager to start your own virtual Fight Club? Or would you rather pummel the opposition from your warm and comfy sofa?

The non motion-controlled Fight Night Champion releases on March 1, 2011, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer

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