With less than 24 hours until Microsoft officially reveals their next-gen console, several developers and properties have confirmed they will have “something” to show at the event. The most recent confirmation comes courtesy of EA Sports, who teased a FIFA reveal is slated for tomorrow’s festivities.

What’s unclear about EA Sports announcement, however, is what exactly they intend to reveal. While the news blast makes mention of the “next generation of FIFA,” it does not say how that will impagct FIFA 14.

We know that FIFA 14 will be hitting the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 (not the Wii U), but could it also be targeting next-gen platforms? FIFA is historically a September release, so even if the game does come to the PS4 and the next-gen Xbox, it would after the current-gen versions launched.

Next Gen FIFA Announcement

So what exactly is EA Sports planning? Are they looking to give a brief next-gen demo of FIFA — one that shows what FIFA will look like on these new platforms? They’ll likely give a taste, but the real announcements will probably be saved for a later date. We’d like to see them address A.I., physics, and graphics but with so many announcements likely slated for the event, it’s hard to imagine EA Sports will provide a full run down.

The FIFA reveal might even be something very simple with a noted soccer star stepping onto the stage to show off a trailer. We’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

It’s also important to note that EA Sports is making this announcement at Microsoft’s next-gen event, not at the Electronic Arts’ E3 Press Conference.

UFC Next Gen Announcement

And as it turns out, EA Sports will apparently be out in full force at Microsoft’s event. In addition to the FIFA announcement, the publisher has also confirmed a UFC reveal for tomorrow.

For those that may not know, EA Sports acquired the UFC license after THQ fell into some financial troubles. The publisher has yet to announce what they plan to do with the UFC property, but that will presumably change in the morning.

UFC seems like the more likely candidate for a next-gen overhaul rather than a gradual shift; that is, if EA doesn’t have plans for a 2013 release. And without a lot of the considerations that come with a team sports title (i.e. stadiums, fans, coaches, dozens of players), this UFC presentation could be something impressive.

What next-gen reveals do you hope EA Sports has prepared for the FIFA and UFC franchises?

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox event starts at 1PM ET/10AM PT.

Source: EA Sports