EA To Remove Ray Rice From ‘Madden NFL 15’

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Although domestic violence is a crime that occurs on a daily basis and doesn’t usually get much press, it is always bound to steal the attention of the mass media when a celebrity is involved. In response to video footage of Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiance, Janay Palmer, nearly all companies and products associated with the ex-Ravens running back have been in a hurry to sever ties with the athlete. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Ray Rice purge has found its way to the video game world, as well.

In addition to his indefinite suspension from the NFL, Ray Rice will also be removed from Madden NFL 15. According to Electronic Arts, the roster change will go into effect this Friday.

The change to Madden 15 should not hinder the game for current players, but it is possible that some Ravens players may need to readjust their offensive strategy without the running back. If the suspension ends up being temporary, we will be interested to see if EA returns the player to the game in a future patch.

In addition the the NFL suspension and the removal from Madden 15, Rice has also been removed from Rutger’s promotional videos (his alma mater). The NFL Shop discontinued all Rice-related jerseys and cancelled its contract with him, as did Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Madden NFL 15 Review

Not only is it going to be next to impossible to find a Rice jersey in a store at this point, but ex-fans are actually being offered the chance to get rid of jerseys they have already purchased. The Ravens are currently organizing an upcoming jersey exchange for Rice products and a Baltimore pizza shop is donating $2.70 to House of Ruth for every Rice jersey that fans trade-in at the restaurant. House of Ruth is a charity that offers support to victims of domestic violence.

The Kevin Hart/Dave Franco Madden 15 ad campaign is still in full-effect and the bad press surrounding Rice doesn’t seem like it will carry over to sales of the game. The new-gen has brought some big improvements to the Madden franchise and the game is one of the best installments in the franchise’s recent history.

Are you playing Madden 15? Do you think Rice will be missed from the game by Ravens fans? Let us know in the comments.


Madden NFL 15 releases August 26, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Game Rant was provided the PS4 version for this review.

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