Will EA’s E3 2015 Press Conference Offer First Look at ‘Mass Effect 4’ Gameplay?

By | 1 year ago 

While E3 doesn’t kick off in earnest until Tuesday June 16th, most would agree that the real festivities begin on that Monday, when the big companies roll out their pre-E3 press conferences. Interestingly enough, this year will see Bethesda jump the gun with their own pre-E3 press conference on Sunday, but the big ones are still Monday. Or at least we assume they are.

Those assumptions will slowly come to pass, as each of the major Tuesday press conference publishers send out invites to their respective events. Electronic Arts is the first to do so, announcing that it will host a pre-E3 conference during the usual Monday 1pm PDT time slot.

Although it’s not necessarily surprising to see Electronic Arts host a press conference for E3 2015, after a lackluster showing last year we hope they can turn it around. It’s a good thing, then, that EA has a lot of current and upcoming projects in the works, many of which should be on display during the press conference.

Obviously, the big-ticket item of the Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference will be Star Wars: Battlefront. Last month gamers were treated to their first look at footage from DICE’s new game, but there wasn’t any actual gameplay on display. Rather the Star Wars: Battlefront footage was composed mostly of cutscene type material, which teased characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

We don’t expect that to be the case with Electronic Arts Press Conference, however; this is where EA is going to need to knock Star Wars fans’ socks off. After that initial reveal enthusiasm for Star Wars Battlefront has tapered off considerably, due in large part to the lack of space battles and limited map selection. EA needs to come out swinging if they want to win fans back, and E3 is going to be one of their best opportunities to do so.

Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vader

But, of course, Star Wars Battlefront won’t be the only game on display during the event. Mass Effect 4 is sure to make an appearance in some capacity, but whether or not that’s a full demo or just a short preview is unclear. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see what the future holds for Titanfall 2 now that the franchise will be available on both Xbox and PlayStation. EA Sports will be on-hand as usual to give soccer, football, and hockey fans the latest looks at franchises like Madden NFL and FIFA.

And then there are the mystery announcements, of which there could be quite a few. We have yet to see what Visceral Games’ Star Wars title will look like, nor have we had any hint as to what BioWare may deliver within that universe. Both seem like perfect projects to tease at the event, but with Battlefront taking center stage we also wouldn’t be surprised if EA kept them off the docket either.

The good news is no matter what Electronic Arts has planned, this year’s E3 2015 Press Conference is sure to be jam-packed. We will hopefully be in attendance on Monday afternoon, and those at home will presumably be able to watch the event live on streaming services.

Electronic Arts’ Pre-E3 Press Conference is scheduled for Monday, June 15th at 1pm PDT.