EA Accused of Deleting Origin Account With Thousands of Dollars Worth of Games


There are many conveniences when it comes to building a digital game library, but there are also some potential downsides. Some are paranoid that their accounts could be deleted and they would lose access to all of the games they've purchased over the years, and while that's unlikely, it has apparently happened to Reddit user FlyingOfficer. According to FlyingOfficer, EA has deleted his Origin account that had thousands of dollars worth of game purchases on it, including a pre-order for the upcoming Battlefield V.

FlyingOfficer, whose real name is Samar Roy Choudhury according to his Twitter page, proudly displays on his profile that he is a 10 year veteran of the Indian Air Force, and a 15 year veteran of Battlefield. Unfortunately, he found himself unable to get into his Origin account a couple of weeks ago, and has been working with EA Help to resolve the issue. According to Choudhury, Electronic Arts has no record of his transaction IDs, order IDs, game keys, or anything else.

Choudhury offered proof of his struggle in a Reddit thread that has gained a lot of attention this morning, even from EA. Take a look at the original Reddit post here, which includes Choudhury's conversation with EA Help:

Choudhury's initial post was deleted by Reddit mods for some reason, but was restored a couple of hours ago. The significant attention the issue has received on Reddit and other social media platforms saw an EA Community Manager, who goes by the Reddit handle PartWelsh, step in. According to PartWelsh's own Reddit post, which can be read by clicking here, he is working with Choudhury to resolve the issue. PartWelsh stopped short of revealing what exactly went wrong with Choudhury's Origin account, but did offer this advice at the end that could be a clue.

"Never share your personal account information with anyone claiming to be an EA employee. Please only share this type of information with our teams," PartWelsh said. This could be an indication that Choudhury had given away private account information to someone, which resulted in his account being deleted. Alternatively, this could be general advice so people don't just believe anyone on Reddit claiming to represent EA.

At the time of this writing, it's still unclear what happened to Choudhury's EA Origin account, but here's hoping the matter gets resolved sooner rather than later.

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