Electronic Arts No Longer Providing Updates For ‘The Sims 2’

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The Sims represents one of the most recognizable PC series’. Beginning as a more personal branching-out of the beloved Sim franchise from Maxis, the series has lasted the test of time. With time though, all games must eventually make that walk into the sunset and it just so happens to be that time for The Sims 2.

Having released just under a decade ago, The Sims 2 represents one of the most significant leaps between games in Maxis‘ PC simulation series. With a main-line title following in its footsteps and The Sims 4 nearing release, the series’ second iteration is finally ready to take its final technical bow. As of July 16, 2014, Electronic Arts has stopped supporting the title with new content and technical updates.

This was revealed on the EA Help page and should hardly come as a surprise to gamers. even high profile fan favorites like Halo 2 eventually see their servers shut down. EA has made sure to indicate that they will still be providing support for Sims 2 players through their EA Help sevice, but to continue providing updates for a game that is nearing 10 years old is hardly s0mething that one should expect.

EA No Longer Supporting The Sims 2 Party

If anything, this continued support through the years represents an impressive feat and one that some developers should take note of. While some gamers are quick to criticize recent iterations of the series for intentionally omitting material, one can hope that their past actions and support will someday make their way back into the series’ modern releases.

With SimCity representing one of the biggest disappointments of the last year, Maxis surely has their hands full attempting to bring the Sims franchise back to its former glory. It’s evident that they are moving down the right path with the release of an offline patch for SimCity, but the damage has already been done for many gamers. As Wolfenstein: The New Order brought glory back to a once-lauded franchise, the Sim franchise may soon require the same.

Frustration of recent series iterations aside, it’s hard to deny the impact that The Sims 2 and its predecessor have had on the simulation market. Coming from a time before Goat Simulator and Rock Simulator 2014 rose to prominence, a significant divide has surfaced within the genre in the last year and will prove interesting as the industry moves forward and we see simulators and “simulators” continue to evolve and forge ahead for themselves.

Do you still find yourself returning to The Sims 2 from time to time? What features of past Sims games would you like to see return for The Sims 4?


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Source: EA Help