EA: Nintendo 3DS Will “Sell Like Hotcakes”

Nintendo 3DS

The upcoming portable console from Nintendo that produces 3D effects without glasses debuted to rave reviews from those at E3. EA COO John Schappert was one of the many in the industry to rave above the release of the 3DS.

"The 3DS is just incredibly cool. The 3DS is magical. You put that in your hand, you look down, and all of a sudden it’s in 3D without glasses. That’s an amazing experience. I’m a huge fan. I think that device is going to sell like hot cakes. I think it’s going to do incredibly well, and in typical Nintendo fashion they have re-energized the industry, yet again. I give them nothing but credit and we are excited to be supporting that platform with Madden, FIFA, and The Sims that we announced."

With movies and televisions being immersed in 3D technology, video games couldn't avoid getting swept up in the 3D possibilities as well. Nintendo's 3DS is primed to be a huge success in the video game market. Its main competition, the Sony PSP, didn't do much to achieve a similar buzz at E3. The 3DS is revolutionary and will be pushing gaming into a whole new space. Nintendo's powerhouse portable system may push the PSP right out of the portable business.

However, Schappert continues to have faith in Sony:

"I hope they’re able to breathe new life into [the PSP] because it’s been a very nice platform to date, but it has been soft of late. That said, we started out our conversation talking about the 3DS. The thing I like about being a third party publisher is… I’ve got bets on all these things. I want them all to be successful; they’re all my children and I love them all. So 3DS emerges, we want to be there. We’re going to be there and we want to do well on that platform. At the same time, I’d like to see Sony do well."

Nintendo is doing what it can to continue its success on all fronts. The 3DS continues the company tradition of innovation. I agree with Schappert that the device is going to sell like "hotcakes". The 3DS is going to be very popular amongst a wide range of gamers. With a slew of titles ranging from the hardcore to the casual already announced, the portable console seemingly has its bases covered. Gamers will be able to have their portable appetites satisfied with Nintendo's full realization of 3D gaming.

Source: Industry Gamers

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