Yesterday was a hectic day for EA Mobile, who stirred up a veritable pot of controvery that started when users were presented with a closure notice on the iOS Rock Band application. When a player would open the app, they’d get a message stating that at the end of the month, Rock Band would no longer be playable – including any purchased downloadable content. Suffice to say, gamers weren’t happy – especially those who’d invested in the title’s online content.

Harmonix has no control over the iOS application, and was equally as baffled as the rest of the gaming community. Though they’re spending time working on a new online title, they forwarded EA Mobile about the issue. By the end of the day, we finally have a response – though it seems kind of fishy:

“Rock Band for iOS will remain live – the in-app message users received yesterday was sent in error. We apologize for the confusion this caused. We’re working to clarify the issue that caused the error and will share additional information as soon as possible.”

It’s hard to believe that their closure statement could be sent in “error.” It’s a concise message informing users that the application will expire, and thanking them for their time. That’s not an issue with coding. Someone intentionally wrote that and sent it out. Worse yet, before this gathered public unrest, the application was still listed for sale in the iTunes store with no news about a possible closure.

EA Mobile has already ripped gamers off last year by making people buy Tetris twice (instead of updating the game in a patch, they pulled it down and released a new, separate version. This forced gamers to buy it over again if they ever uninstalled their local copy of Tetris – shabby business). Then there are the terrible Battlefield 3: Aftershock and The Simpsons: Tapped Out apps that were so bad that EA just gave up on them and took them down. Let’s not forget the Mass Effect 3 datapad app tie-in which barely functions and to this day, remains broken. In short, they’re already in a public relations nightmare after being voted the Worst Company in America, and this latest issue isn’t helping.

For those worried about the potential of losing their songs on console, keep in mind Harmonix has been very forward thinking in establishing that area of their franchise. Even with the upcoming title, every song you have from Rock Band 3 is importable, and Blitz returns the favor by making its songs transferable to your regular Rock Band directory.

We’ll monitor the Rock Band situation closely as it develops. When EA Mobile eventually shares their ‘additional information’ with the public, we’ll let you know if the excuse was good.

What do you think about EA Mobile’s potential closure of Rock Band for iOS? Do you think they would ever do something like that?

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Source: Kotaku