EA Fires Shot at Denver Broncos Super Bowl Loss

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Electronic Arts has been predicting real life game results from their EA Sports simulation engines for years now. From Madden to FIFA and back again, they’ve (mostly accurately) predicted winners and champions stretching back to the ‘now ancient’ days of the PlayStation 2.

Of course, game simulations are not always accurate despite Madden’s 8-for-10 correctly predicted Super Bowl wins over the last decade. So, when the Madden 25 Ignite Engine dropped the ball this year, EA turned it into an opportunity to both make a good joke and take a shot at the losing team.

It’s no secret that Super Bowl 48 wasn’t exactly a close competition, but that’s what Electronic Arts had predicted for this year’s game – though 2014 ended up being a total write-off. The Madden 25 engine predicted a close 31-28 game in favor of the Broncos, with Peyton Manning winning the MVP honors. Those of who you weren’t under a rock last night know that the real life Broncos did the opposite of their pixel-based avatars, which resulted in the Seahawks flying to a 43 – 8 victory over a Broncos team that just couldn’t cope with Seattle’s defense.

Instead of just saying their engine goofed up on the simulation, EA Sports did something even better:

Madden 25 itself wasn’t a radical jump from its predecessors, but EA’s continued tradition of predicting Super Bowl results leaves the accuracy of the in-game engine fair game for scrutiny. Then again, video games can’t simulate on-field psychology. While they’re predictions are generally pretty accurate, this year they certainly fumbled – of course, that didn’t stop them from using the landslide Seahawks victory as an opportunity to make a good joke and get some viral attention for the game and brand.

Usually those kind of football jokes are left to shows like The League, but it’s always good to see someone on the EA Sports Media Team has a good sense of humor. As long as Madden and Broncos fans have one to match, everything should be fine – and while real life doesn’t have a reset button, there’s always next year.

Madden 25 is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.


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Source: EA Sports