EA Games to Announce New 'Battlefield' Title Friday

DICE and EA Games employees recently convened in London to hold a press conference that will feature updates on Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, Battlefield 3 and a brand new title.

According to the EA Games' Ben Cousins, DICE will be unveiling a brand new Battlefield title on Friday. He also made a point to note that this would be a completely new title unrelated to Battlefield 3. Cousins has been alluding to some major news on his Twitter account for the past week, as well as posting the censored image above. EA’s Battlefield Blog has also posted about there being a major announcement on their blog this Friday.

“Flying to London later today to show a new, unannounced #Battlefield game to the press. News goes public on Friday. (NOT #BF3)”

Cousins also confirmed that while EA Games did purchase the URL for Battlefield Assault, it will not be the title for the release on Friday.

“Just to confirm - I am NOT going to London to announce any game called 'Battlefield Assault'. That is just a URL EA picked up.”

Regardless of the new Battlefield title's name, Cousins tweeted that the game currently looks great.

“Running through rehearsals. New game looks great on the big screen. #battlefield”

In related news Patrick Soderlund, Senior Vice President of EA Games, also confirmed that development of Battlefield 3 is still on track and Battlefield 1943 is still being developed for the PC. When Eurogamer asked Soderlund when the public would hear more about Battlefield 3, he said it would be coming soon, but with no certain time frame in mind.

“You'll see. You'll know probably sooner than I will. You are going to be able to see it in the not too distant future. The marketing guys would kill me if I told you when.”

While it’s possible that EA will release additional information this Friday on Battlefield 3, this is a rather open ended response. Battlefield 3 will be the continuation from Battlefield 2, which did not feature a single player campaign. Soderlund also made it clear that the Battlefield Bad Company gang is not out of the picture, but will be on the sidelines during development of Battlefield 3.

What do you think EA Games and DICE will be unveiling this Friday?

Check back with us Friday for the latest news on DICE’s new Battlefield title.

Source: Eurogamer

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