EA Wants to Expand 'Dead Space' to Include FPS and Aerial Combat Titles

Dead Space to Expand to FPS and Aerial Combat

After satisfyingly wrapping up one portion of the Dead Space story in Dead Space 2, many gamers were left wondering where EA’s franchise would go to next. While rumors have suggested that the third entry in the series would see Isaac Clarke venturing to an ice planet, a new rumor has suggested more than one Dead Space game is in development.

According to the rumor, EA has plans to not only release a numbered sequel to Dead Space 2, but a first person shooter as well. After Dead Space 2, EA must have been feeling like they had mined one facet of that universe, so making the leap to FPS seemed only natural.

Apparently this first person shooter iteration of Dead Space would be a completely different monster (no pun intended) than the on-rails shooter that Dead Space: Extraction was. The assumption is players will have both the Dead Space arsenal and total control of movement at their disposal. But it doesn’t stop with the traditional Dead Space -- and now a first person shooter -- it only begins there.

As well as the first person shooter version of Dead Space, it is also rumored that EA would like to create some sort of flying game that incorporates the Dead Space universe. Hey, the game is set in space, so it would make sense that at some point someone would pilot some ships.

And once all of these various titles are completed — Dead Space 3, the first person shooter, and the space flight game — EA is putting Visceral in charge of an Uncharted-esque title. The thinking here is that Dead Space is too niche of a franchise, so EA wanted to take all these talented people and put them to work on something a bit more like what everyone else is doing (a.k.a. what sells the best).

There’s no confirmation yet from EA about any of these titles being in development, nor is there solid evidence that says Dead Space 3 (now with co-op) really is happening. There have been some details that surfaced, and so far those have been corroborated by other sources, but it’s all up in the air right now.

All we know for sure is that gamers want more Dead Space, and if EA can deliver it, in one form or another, we'll take it.

What do you think of EA adapting the Dead Space series into a first person shooter? Would you rather they let Visceral focus on a sequel to Dead Space 2?

Source: Kotaku

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