Electronic Arts reveals its plans for E3 2017, with the publisher once more putting on its own pre-E3 event by running EA Play in the days ahead of the expo.

For last year’s E3, publisher Electronic Arts decided to do things a little bit differently. Rather than sticking purely to the floor show for the beloved expo, the company instead decided to open things up to the public a little more, launching an event called EA Play. As it turns out, the publisher has once more decided to follow this route, with EA Play returning for E3 2017.

Now, EA has confirmed these plans, as well as giving some additional information regarding where EA Play 2017 will be taking place. Popping an update up on the EA official website, the publisher has revealed that EA Play 2017 will run from Saturday June 10 to Monday June 12, which is the weekend prior to E3 2017 proper starting. Meanwhile, the event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium, which is approximately seven miles from the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 takes place.

Last year’s E3 saw EA put on its own press conference alongside EA Play, but a booth on the floor was missing, and E3 2017 will also see EA without a booth of its own. However, EA Play will instead offer up those kinds of opportunities, and the fact that the event does not run at the exact same time as E3 itself will certainly minimize the chance of any clashes.

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According to EA, EA Play 2017 will offer up hands-on gameplay, as well as live entertainment and other events. The chance for people to have a hands-on experience with EA games before the expo begins will no doubt be seen as an enticing prospect for those interested in what the publisher has in store. At the moment, however, ticket availability and other details have yet to be announced, but EA has set up a newsletter system for interested gamers to be informed.

For those unable to attend, however, there is still a way to see what is happening with EA Play. The event will also be on the receiving end of livestreams, so gamers from around the world, or those unable to get to Hollywood to attend, will still be able to keep up with what the publisher reveals to the public during the event.

Exactly what EA chooses to unveil will no doubt be the topic of much discussion prior to EA Play, but many fans will no doubt already have a wish list on the way. In particular, some fans may be hoping to see more of the publisher’s Star Wars games, with many angling for a look at both Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s single player and learn more details about Visceral’s Star Wars project. Either way, there’s no doubt that EA will give fans plenty to do over the course of EA Play.