EA Developing Brand New 'Revolutionary MMO'

EA Developing New Revolutionary MMO

Despite the current work being done on the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, it seems that Electronic Arts is still aiming for a larger chunk of the MMO pie. The Old Republic has had a promising start with over 1.5 million players signing up for the beta and even blessings from Blizzard, the company behind current reigning MMO champ World of Warcraft. Even with as promising a prospect as BioWare's next creation, it seems that the publisher still has big plans for the MMO space.

EA as always is looking to grow in any way possible, and a job posting on Gamasutra points to EA working on yet another MMO. The job posting is for an MMO Web Architect who will be working on an unnanounced game at EA's Redwood City, CA headquarters.

The prospect might sound like a perfect opportunity for a proven architect with experience in the MMO field to step forward and help assist EA with a project they think is going to be big. So big that it might be difficult to find people who fit the shoes that EA wants filled.

Below is the daunting job posting in all its hilarious glory:

"Let’s be clear. We’re not looking for just anybody. We’re looking for a web ninja that is well-versed in all web technologies and has extensive experience scaling server-side systems. If web technologies were made up on 5 key building blocks (components, data tier, business tier, presentation, integration), you would be Voltron — Defender of the Web Universe.

You’ve scaled systems to serve 10MM users, 100MM page views and 500K TPS and your systems are still humming along like a walk in the park. CPU? 10%. Memory? Plenty left. I/O? Kidding me.

You know all the obscurities and intricacies of web technologies and if this were a Jeopardy match, you would take it down unchallenged like the Ken Jennings of Web.

Staying ahead of technology is more than a job but a past-time. Web 3.0? That’s so passé.

Multi-threaded apps? Are you kidding? Super-duper-hyper-threaded. “I eat that for breakfast.”

And when someone asks you’re if you’re multi-lingual, you respond “Yes, Java, C++, C#, Python — to name a few.”

You dream in code. You’ve watched Field of Dreams and when they say “If you build, he will come,” you think it’s your manifesto to build the best damn web site / service / architecture ever imaginable to attract the tens of millions of loyal fans and customers we will have.

What we have in store is a challenge for you? It will be huge. It will be monumental and the technical challenges from the size, volume, and touch points will be awesome. You’ll love it and be eager to get to work each day. You’ll get to try out new technologies, build things on the cloud and work on systems that touch the boundaries of both the game systems and web services layers.

You may say to yourself? This person doesn’t exist; it’s the unicorn we’re all looking for. Our response would be “next.” But if you believe this to be you and have claims to be the chosen one, then we implore you to apply and come join one of the best and brightest teams."

According to Industry Gamers, the original posting had alleged that the title was going to be a "revolutionary MMO", but that reference has since been removed from the job posting. So just what could this unannounced project be that EA has so much faith in?

EA owns the video game rights to the Harry Potter franchise, so perhaps there's plans to expand the Harry Potter universe now that the movies are almost done. The question then becomes whether or not this kind of franchise could even succeed since World Of Warcraft already has the fantasy market locked down. Fortunately, the Harry Potter universe has a lot of material from which the game designers can pull, and incredibly memorable locations and creatures which could serve to populate the game.

We know that EA wants broader appeal from Dead Space, and the prospect of an MMO in that game's universe is definitely not one that should be discounted. There's a lot of potential there to have players go accross the galaxy locating and destroying other markers while fighting off necromorph infestations wherever they go. Strange planets with strange animals could be host to a wide variety of strange necromorphs that players would have to fight against.

It's likely we won't know for a few years down the stretch so perhaps it's best to just wait and see what EA is going to announce in the future. Judging by the sheer scale of what they want their Web Architect to accomplish it should be a game worth keeping our eyes out for.

What "revolutionary" game do you think EA has cooking in its larger-than-life oven? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @gamerant

Source: Gamasutra (via Industry Gamers)

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