When a series establishes itself as the top franchise in a genre, there will naturally be other ones to come along and try to take its spot, along with the obligatory fanboy hate. It’s safe to say that theĀ Call of Duty series is the top dog in the FPS genre, with Modern Warfare 3 being one of the most anticipated games of this year. And despite their best efforts to do so, Activision has failed to stop fellow gaming giant EA from tossing insults and stirring the pot in regards to their own FPS, Battlefield 3. Why is this still going on? According to EA, it’s for the sake of competition.

Despite the particularly vicious things EA has said about the Call of Duty franchise in the past, newly promoted executive Frank Gibeau claims that it’s all in the spirit of competition, and that they’re going to give the Call of Duty series just that. We approve.

Gibeau believes the CoD seriesĀ hasn’t really had anything to go up against in quite a while, and that Battlefield 3 will not only compete with Modern Warfare 3, but overtake it once the holidays arrive.

“We don’t take things lightly. If we’re going to go after a category, we intend to lead. We have a very big competitor there but they’re going to get some competition this Christmas for the first time in a long time.”

Gibeau didn’t give any specific explanations as to how Battlefield 3 would outdo Modern Warfare 3. Instead, he vaguely mentioned the game’s advanced technology base, its development time, and the studio DICE‘s experience as the game’s strong points. No mention of game mechanics, graphics, sound, or anything the average player would easily notice, however.

To be fair, Gibeau spent more time hyping up their own game than criticizing the competition, which is more than can be said for their past comments. Still, there wasn’t enough said to really entice anyone to buy their title over Activision’s. Gibeau instead compared the feud to a heavyweight boxing match, further enforcing his belief that the fans will respond positively to the competition between the two companies.

While it is true that competition is good business, entertainment value or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Whether you agree or disagree with EA’s decision bash the Call of Duty series, you can’t deny that there could be a better way to go about it if the goal is to attract gamers who aren’t already sold on BF3. Focusing more on what makes their game better rather than what makes the competition worse would still be enticing enough for fans to discuss and choose sides in the debate.

Which game will you be buying this holiday season or will you get both?

Battlefield 3 arrives October 25th, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Modern Warfare 3 will arrive on November 8th, 2011 for the same systems, as well as the Wii and DS on a later date.

Source: CVG