EA Happy Winning Public BAFTA; Gives Them 'One Over' On 'Call of Duty'

EA BAFTA Battlefield 3 One Over On CoD

The BAFTA awards took place late last week, and among the winners was EA/DICE's shooter Battlefield 3. EA's pretty elated about winning, feeling that it gives them a "one over" on Call of Duty.

Battlefield 3 took home the GAME award, which is the only publicly voted on category at the BAFTA's. As this award was voted by the fans, it probably carries a bit more heft for EA, especially when they try to show off their accolades. After all, an award from the fans probably means a lot more than one voted by a handful of judges.

When asked about his thoughts on Battlefield 3 beating out Modern Warfare 3, EA’s Colin Blackwood was certainly happy, though it didn't sound like much of a malicious attack, especially compared to past EA statements.

“Obviously, Call of Duty has defined the size of the shooter market, so to get one over on them? That’s great.”

Blackwood was also quick to mention the other nominees, and just how ferocious the competition was. Many of the titles up for the GAME award were definite GOTY contenders, and to come out on top of the other nominees is certainly no easy feat.

 “Similarly, Skyrim was in there, Valve’s Portal 2 was in there, Batman was in there and the Minecraft stuff’s going on as well. This is just about coming number one. It’s not about who we beat. It’s about being number one.”

That being said, Blackwood feels Battlefield 3 won because it offers a truly unique experience, choosing to reference what some may call "Battlefield moments."

“I think people wanted something different. It’s so unique. The different level of depth you get on the multiplayer, with the vehicles, and when you just can’t believe you had a ‘Battlefield moment,’ it just blows you away. It offers something that no other game in the genre — actually no other game — actually does. It’s amazing.”

Battlefield 3 has been a huge success for EA, and the competition between it and Infinity Ward's shooter is definitely heating up. We can't wait to see what both parties have planned for their next bout on store shelves.


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Source: VG247

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