EA Says New Sandbox Game 'Create' is Only Limited by the Imagination

Harvey Elliott, VP and General Manager at EA Bright Light says:

Create uses families’ imaginations to develop new ways to play together that are both fun and challenging,” ...  “We wanted to design a game where the entire family can explore, decorate, and solve challenges where no solution is wrong and the only limit is the imagination.”

The game, by it's small description, at first glance seems to be the next Little Big Planet. You can do many things that were available to you in Little Big Planet, such as: customizing your environment with brushes or textures and other easy to use tools, unlocking rewards and new items to use in your worlds, animating your objects to bring your imagination into fruition, and then comes the ability to share your wonderful creations with the world using the online community. Though it all seems at the first glance to be much like the PlayStation exclusive, I have high hopes that they are going to really step up their game and push out an original title, and not just come out with another cheap copy to satisfy shareholders.

All in all, it seems like it will develop into a pretty decent game, though with the first basic bit of news only time will truly tell. It is claimed to be the must-have title of this holiday season, and hopefully it will fill those shoes quite nicely.

Create is set for release this November for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and Mac.


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