EA Access Could Finally Be Coming to PS4

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Regardless of one's feelings about Electronic Arts, there's no denying that EA Access is one of the best deals in gaming, especially for sports fans. For just $30, EA Access gives players full access to almost all of EA's current-gen releases, sometimes just a few months after launch, and it also offers free trials, early access, demos, and more. So far, EA Access has only been available on Xbox One and PC (in the form of Origin Access), but it looks like that could be changing in the near future.

A screenshot supposedly from the Brazilian PlayStation Store page seems to show an icon for EA Access. While the image could be fake, if it's real, it's a strong indication that EA Access is finally coming to the PS4. However, it's worth pointing out that the PS4 version of EA Access may not be quite as comprehensive as it is on other platforms.

This is due to the PS4's lack of backward compatibility. The Xbox One's backward compatibility means that EA can release older games through its EA Access program as well, including the original Mass Effect trilogy, the sci-fi horror hit Dead Space, and more. Presumably, a PS4 version of EA Access would be limited to current-gen titles. Considering this, if EA Access is coming to the PS4 as the image suggests, it will be interesting to see if it's priced the same as its Xbox One counterpart.

Since EA is a third-party publisher, some may be confused as to why EA Access hasn't been released for the PS4 already. As it turns out, EA tried to bring EA Access to the PS4 in the past, but Sony passed on the opportunity, apparently because it didn't see EA Access as being a "good value."

At the time it was revealed that Sony passed on EA Access, some speculated that it was because the Japanese tech giant didn't want to compete with it. Sony offers similar services to EA Access, like PlayStation Now, and so it's possible it was worried that some consumers would choose EA Access instead.

Whether or not there's any truth to that speculation is up for debate. However, if the rumors are true about EA Access coming to PS4, then it seems as though Sony has changed its tune.

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