An FCC filing indicates that Microsoft may be planning on revealing an updated revision of the Xbox One at E3, though what sort of revision is unclear.

Never underestimate the capabilities of internet detectives, because they will find secrets and lay them bare to the world. Such is the case again today, with NeoGAF user ekim connecting the dots between FCC filings and discovering a potential Xbox One-related E3 announcement. Ekim’s research indicates that Microsoft may be revealing the next iteration of their popular gaming console at the convention, though what form this Xbox One revision might take is yet a mystery.

To summarize ekim’s findings, the FCC regulates any device that includes data┬átransmission — including consoles that feature internet connectivity. The FCC currently has a filing specifically for the Xbox One’s wireless chip, which Xbox One owners can verify by seeing the number #1525 written on the bottom of their consoles. Two new FCC filings were recently submitted. Normally all details regarding submissions are under strict NDA, however certain things slip by. Both listings reference including technology from the #1525 filing. That is to say that these two FCC filings are likely for new Xbox One hardware.

The second part of the rumor, that Microsoft will be revealing this hardware at E3, is due to the date when the NDA’s will be expiring for the two listings. The first will expire June 25, not too long after E3 ends, and the other will end July 29. These dates heavily indicate that the products for these filings will be fully unveiled much earlier than their FCC NDA’s expire. These dates are set in stone, which implies Microsoft already has their reveals scheduled and planned.

Xbox One Revision at E3 Rumor

It’s possible┬áthat Microsoft is developing an Xbox One Slim console, an iterative take on their hardware that slims the beast down to a more attractive product. The simplest theory is often the most likely, and considering that previous console generations have often provided their own slim takes on each console, this bet is the safe one.

Yet this generation isn’t like others, is it? Sony is shaking up the scene with the release of their virtual reality headset later this year for one, and two, reliably sourced rumors are swirling regarding the looming announcement of a “PlayStation 4K” hardware upgrade at E3. Sony’s potentially going to release the “New 3DS” of consoles. There’s now a not unlikely chance that Microsoft is also going to announce an updated Xbox One with higher performance hardware.

The third choice is, of course, why not both? Two different consoles are potentially being worked on, according to the FCC filings. Perhaps an Xbox One Slim is planned for the late-June NDA drop, meaning it could be released reasonably close to E3. Perhaps the second filing is for the Xbox One Plus, with a later NDA drop meaning it’s planned for release later this year. A fourth choice is of course neither console being a reality, which would suck as much for Microsoft with the daunting holiday season in 2016 as it would for consumers.

As ever, expect more information regarding Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox One at E3 in June. Though there’s always the chance of more information leaking in the next two months. For now, please consider the information speculated upon in this article as rumor. It’s only official when Microsoft makes it official.

Source: NeoGAF