After a series of backouts from a series of high-profile video game publishers, the Entertainment Software Association remains adamant that E3 is still ‘Beyond Relevant’.

Like what the Super Bowl is to football, the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is the year’s biggest video gaming event. With over 50,000 people every year turning up for the three-day event, highly-anticipated announcements from game developers, and fans tuning in from all over the world, it’s pretty easy to see how big of a deal E3 is. But following the recent cancellation of its E3 show floor plans from Disney and Wargaming.Net, it appears as if this year’s event will be somewhat diminished compared to previous editions.

Disney and Wargaming.Net’s announcements follow the recent E3 cancellation from Activision, and the reveal that Electronic Arts is putting on an “EA Play” event during the week of E3 2016 rather than attend the event. Despite the exodus of high-profile publishers from this year’s E3, the Entertainment Software Association- the group that puts on E3 – remains adamant that E3 is still important.

Speaking to MCV, ESA VP Rich Taylor described E3 as “beyond relevant”, before going on to say that it is an “essential and critical” time for the video game industry.

“The ‘is E3 still relevant?’ question gets asked every year, and then gets answered in June of that same year with a resounding ‘yes’.”

“E3 is beyond relevant, it is essential and critical to the game and entertainment industry calendar. It changes, it has never been a stagnant show and this year is no different. Last year if you asked most people, in the aftermath of E3 how they found it, many will tell you it was the best E3 they can remember. But in the ramp up to that show, I was answering the same sort of questions that you just put to me.”

“One of the things we do at the close of every E3 is that we talk to everyone we can… and we try and figure out how to change the experience and make it better. We’ve done that this time, and we will be making adjustments to guarantee it is going to be a tremendous show. There are a number of press briefings going on – a record number, I believe – that starts a few days before E3. That’s a reflection of the fact that people realise that this is the place to make news and break news, and have that amplified around the globe in a way like no other show can.”

E3 Games

It’s a shame that a number of notable publishers have decided to cancel on E3 2016, but it appears that there may be good reason to skip this year’s event. With the rising costs of being on the show floor, the rise of internet streaming, the increasing spotlight on fan events such as PAX, and the fact that E3 doesn’t allow admission for members of the general public, the E3 event just doesn’t hold the same value for some publishers as they once did.

While there will be a noticeable absence of big-name publishers at this year’s E3, there’s still much to look forward to. Following their well-received E3 2015 showcase, Bethesda has announced their second E3 keynote for this year, where there are a number of expected announcements regarding Dishonored 2Fallout 4 DLC plans, and any future games. After a somewhat under-the-radar appearance last year, Take-Two – Rockstar Games’ parent company – has revealed that it will be at E3 2016 in a “big way”. And finally, for all those PC fans out there, PC Gamer will be back at this year’s E3 with the second edition of its PC Gaming Show.

With three months to go before E3 2016, fingers are crossed that this year’s event will still be great, and hopefully spectacular enough to make our list of greatest E3 moments.

E3 2016 starts on June 14 and will wrap up on June 16, 2016.

Source: MCV (via GameSpot)

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