The Electronic Software Association officially announces a new open to the public event that will run alongside the classic E3 industry-only trade show.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo has been one of the premiere gaming events for years, but only gaming industry and press members are allowed in. This year, however, the ESA has announced plans to run a new E3 experience specifically for gamers.

The Entertainment Software Association has announced E3 Live 2016, an event specifically catered towards the gamers themselves, rather than press and industry insiders. E3 Live won’t replace the traditional E3 experience, but it will instead run simultaneously just down the street from E3. While E3 is being held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 Live 2016 will be held in the L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles.

The ESA has promised that E3 Live 2016 will offer hands-on demos and the opportunity to try out new gaming gadgets and virtual reality gear. There will also be appearances by industry pros and opportunities for gamers to take photos with them. The event will also feature live entertainment and exclusive merchandise that can only be purchased at the event. Gamers may be particularly pleased to know that unlike the traditional E3, tickets to E3 Live will be free and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Although E3 is a trade show with an industry-only focus, it’s not too surprising to see the Entertainment Software Association create an event specifically for gamers. Many game developers and publishers have been pulling out of E3 2016, and the Entertainment Software Association may have decided it had to do something to bring interest back to the event. In addition, developers and publishers don’t limit themselves to announcing new games at industry trade shows, and many have opted to reveal titles at fan-friendly events like PAX and Sony’s PlayStation Experience. E3 Live is probably also at least partially an attempt by ESA to compete with Electronic Arts’ EA Play, which will run at the same time as this year’s E3.

The Electronic Software Association says that E3 is still relevant, but it remains to be seen how intense the impact of major developers like Activision-Blizzard pulling out from the event will be. However, there should still be plenty of news emerging from this year’s E3 and plenty of excitement, with rumors swirling that Resident Evil 7 will be revealed at E3 2016 and news that Bethesda is opening its E3 presentation to the public.

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E3 and E3 Live 2016 will be held from June 14th to June 16th.

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