New E3 Games Demonstrate Exciting New Industry Trends

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Though sequels and remakes dominated the E3 games news (for good reason—who isn’t excited for Fallout 4?), this year’s expo was also the debut of several intriguing new IPs from well-known studios.

While it’s hard to say what to expect when this is just our first glimpse of these new E3 games, it’s also hard not to get hyped about the exciting directions these games are taking, emphasizing and exploring creative themes, refining familiar combat, and blending genres for cool new adventures. Whether you’re all about RPGs, love strange new worlds, or prefer hardcore combat, there’s something exciting to be found in these E3 games.

Unravel E3 Games

Unravel‘s imaginative take on platforming makes it one of many E3 games to watch.

Creativity and Imagination Steal the Show in Dreams and Unravel 

Not to say that remakes and sequels can’t be imaginative—after all, every franchise was once a daring new IP—but this year’s E3 games showed an exciting tendency towards imagination and inspiring creativity.

Media Molecule’s Dreams really showcases the power of creativity, as it’s the driving force of the game. While it doesn’t have the platforming and straightforward creation tactics of Little Big Planet, Media Molecule’s previous big hit, Dreams aims to take on the logic and ethereal appearance of dreaming, letting players manipulate figures and play with a variety of game and story-making tools to make unique, bizarre creations. They’re considering an early access or beta approach to release to allow the community to speak on and influence the project’s ultimate direction, encouraging the gaming community to exercise their creativity in many different ways.

There’s also Unravel, the latest from Coldwood Interactive, who has previously worked primarily on sports games. In the tradition of games like Kirby’s Epic Yarn, you play as Yarny, a little yarn creature, to solve puzzles, traverse platform environments, and explore gorgeous environments. Though it’s reminiscent of other yarn games and seems to play a bit like Litle Big Planet, what we’ve seen of the gameplay looks to be a fun twist on traditional platforming that will require players to think outside of the box.


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