E3 2019: Most Wholesome Moments of Positivity


Although some people think there's too much negativity in the gaming industry, this years' E3 2019 event was full of some incredibly wholesome moments. There were some seriously heartwarming segments, both planned and impromptu, that took place throughout the event's press conferences and reminded everyone that gamers know to smile and have a good time too.

To celebrate the feel good nature of E3 2019, we've assembled a list of our five favorite wholesome moments from this year's big event. There were lots of other great moments too and the Pokemon Sword and Shield team holding stuffed animal versions of the new starters just barely missed the cut off.

Without further ado, we present the most wholesome moments of E3 2019...

5 Bethesda Fans Share Their Story


Although Bethesda's in-theater audience seemed to cheer so much that some viewers found it inauthentic, there's no denying that the pre-recorded fan testimonials shared throughout the stream perfectly captured just how special our relationship with games can be. The longtime Bethesda fans gushed about how the world of gaming helped them find themselves, find friends, and find purpose when life was getting them down.

It would be hard for any lifelong gamer not to get a little nostalgic and misty-eyed watching these interviews and thinking about their own relationship with the world of video games. Thank you, Bethesda fans, for sharing your stories with us.

4 Jon Bernthal And Bam Bam


Everybody loves a good boy, right? Although you might not expect a wholesome moment to come as part of the reveal of a serious military shooter like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Despite that, Jon took to the stage to talk about his character in the game and brought along a very well-behaved friend for some emotional support.

Jon's buddy, Bam Bam, isn't a part of the game, but that didn't stop him from stealing the show during this segment of the Ubisoft E3 press conference. The internet immediately blew up in reaction to his appearance and it seems like Jon's instagram received a nice influx of followers from fans who want to keep up with Bam Bam's adventures.

3 A Bowser Cameo


When Doug Bowser took over as the new president of Nintendo of America all of the jokes basically wrote themselves. Nintendo, being as silly as it is, leaned into the obvious connection to its iconic villain and used its E3 Nintendo Direct to have a silly bit where both Doug Bowser and Mario's nemesis Bowser both show up to the presentation. As you might expect, awkward hijinks ensued.

The moment was obviously super corny, but still played incredibly well thanks to Nintendo's unique brand of wholesome. Welcome to the team, Doug.

2 Ikumi's Energy


Ikumi Nakamura took the stage to reveal GhostWire: Tokyo during E3 and immediately broke the internet. Although the cinematic trailer for the game was undeniably cool, it wasn't the game, but Ikumi herself that captured the hearts of viewers. Her nervous energy and genuine excitement to be at the event and sharing her project shined through and audiences ate it up.

It seems like the super talented and charismatic Ikumi has a bright future in the world of gaming (now that she's stepping into a leadership role) and we hope to see her return to stage year after year with more news on her upcoming projects... And just to share her incredibly energy with all of us.

1 Breathtaking Keanu

Keanu Reeves Breathtaking

Keanu never really went away, but there's still no denying that in recent months he's recapturing the national spotlight in a serious way. From a show stealing role in Always Be My Maybe to bringing a new character to the Toy Story universe, Keanu is seriously having a moment.

That moment went to the next level when he took the stage during Xbox's conference to reveal the Cyberpunk 2077 release date (and his surprise character), but could barely get through his script due to some adorable banter with the audience. The people were loving Keanu's presence and he made sure he took a moment to offer some love back to the fans.

Whether you're pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077 or not, there's no denying that Keanu really is breathtaking.

There's no guarantee that 2020 will prove to be as heartwarming as this event was, but we can certainly hope there's enough material next year to put together a similar list. And, if not, at least there will be some new consoles, right?

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