E3 2017: Microsoft Brings Back Xbox FanFest

With this year’s E3 conference fast approaching, Xbox has announced it will once again host Xbox FanFest during the event. As part of Xbox FanFest, 500 lucky gamers will have an opportunity to attend the Microsoft press briefing, and gain exclusive access to upcoming Xbox games and hardware.

FanFest 2017 participants will be invited to the Microsoft press briefing on June 11th, an event normally reserved only for members of the press. While parts or all of the event will be broadcast online for Xbox fans to view, those in attendance usually receive swag items and a chance at Xbox games and consoles as giveaways.

Possibly more exciting is the fact that FanFest members will be able to try out a few of the upcoming Xbox titles via demos at the event. It’s likely many of the games that will be playable for Xbox FanFest participants will be announced during Microsoft’s E3 presentation.

Xbox FanFest Members

Maybe most compelling of all is that Xbox FanFest gamers will try their hand at Project Scorpio during the event. Gamers will get to play Project Scorpio titles in 4K, and see how well the impressive stats improve gaming for Xbox.

Anyone interested in nabbing themselves a FanFest ticket can sign up today once registration opens. There will only be 400 tickets available, so those interested will need to be quick with the sign ups. The registration is free, but gamers will be asked to provide credit card information. Additionally, those applying need to be at least 21 years or older and must have an Xbox Live account and gamertag to complete the registration.

Tickets are limited to one per person. Since only 400 of the 500 are available during registration, the other 100 will presumably be available if there’s any overflow in sign ups, as well as giveaways leading up to the event in June.

To stay up to date on the Xbox FanFest registration opportunities, follow Xbox on Twitter. The company will be sending out posts with a link to the sign ups for anyone interested.

Source: Xbox

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