A large industry leak provider states that there will be no further news about the rumored Xbox Scoprio model during Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2016.

Gamers hoping that Microsoft will officially show off the powerful Xbox One Scorpio model at E3 2016 later today may be left disappointed, as one leak provider has posted that no further details about the Oculus-Rift capable console will come during the company’s press conference. Microsoft‘s powerful new Xbox One model was outed by industry insiders several weeks ago, in tandem with the existence of the Xbox Slim.

Images of the Xbox Slim were leaked yesterday in a flurry of other Microsoft E3-based secrets including Dead Rising 4 screenshots, several ReCore screenshots along with a release date, and even the actual price-point of the Xbox One Slim itself, which seems to be a very affordable $299. After so many high-profile leaks sprouting up the day before its E3 presentation, Microsoft finally commented on the leaks by simply producing an ASCII shrug in response.

Despite the influx of leaks, it looks like the buck stops there for Microsoft. Leak provider Nerd Leaks has stated that while Microsoft will show off three new exclusives and an official Gwent-spin off, no further news about the Xbox Scorpio would arrive throughout the presentation. The news is sure to be disappointing for VR hopefuls, but even the initial leak that confirmed both new Xbox One models stated that only the Xbox One Slim would make an appearance during this year’s industry expo.

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Perhaps feeling sorry for stealing so much of the company’s thunder, Nerd Leaks even stated it would stop with the spoilers. If so, this is possibly the first time a leak provider has given a company a pity-pass.

The powerful console is supposedly Microsoft’s answer to the long-rumored PS 4.5, and features several hardware upgrades all across the board. The improved firing power on the console will allow it run the Oculus Rift, which is a move that makes a lot of sense considering the two companies started a partnership long ago. Xbox One gamers were told not to get their hopes up almost a year ago by Oculus Vice President Nate Mitchell, but if there’s one thing the video game industry routinely exemplifies, it’s that a lot can change in a year.

With Microsoft‘s presentation due to begin at 9:30AM PT, gamers will soon find out all of these leaks have been accurate. Fans can follow the action as it unfolds onstage in the official thread here.

Source: Nerd Leaks