There’s a lot for gamers to keep track of during the week of E3. From Bethesda to Nintendo, here’s a breakdown of when Game Ranters can stream each of the major conference presentations.

After a year of waiting, another E3 week is finally upon us. The festivities will kick off on Sunday afternoon with a few unofficial presentations and the last of the major conferences will air on Wednesday. Other presentations and demos will continue until the end of the week, but gamers can expect to hear the bulk of the most exciting news come between Sunday and Wednesday.

The event can definitely feel like a bit of information overload, as every major hardware and software company decides to present its plans for the next year or two at the same time. To help keep track of when to tune in to the stream this week, here is a breakdown of each company’s plans in chronological order…

E3 presentations

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Electronic Arts – Sunday, June 12 – 4pm ET

Electronic Arts will be off-site this year at E3, but will still air a press conference Sunday afternoon. The event will likely focus on Mass Effect, Battlefield 1, and a variety of the usual sports titles. Check back here around 3:30pm ET on Sunday for a link to our live stream.

Bethesda – Sunday, June 12 – 10pm ET

Bethesda will have a tough time living up to last year’s Fallout-centric presentation, but hopefully a strong showing from Dishonored 2 and maybe an Elder Scrolls remaster will help keep things exciting. Check back here around 9:30pm ET on Sunday for a link to our live stream.

Microsoft – Monday, June 13 – 12:30pm ET

Will Microsoft reveal a new high-powered console or just a slim version of the Xbox One? This presentation should offer an exciting mix of hardware and software. Check back here around 12:00pm ET on Monday for a link to our live stream.

Ubisoft – Monday, June 13 – 4pm ET

The Ubisoft presentation is always high energy and a mixed bag. There is sure to be some fun news for Assassin’s Creed and Division fans and then a weird interlude of dancing and singing on stage. The company also needs to prove that Watch Dogs 2 will be a major improvement over the original. Check back here around 3:30pm ET on Monday for a link to our live stream.

Sony – Monday, June 13 – 9pm ET

Sony confirmed earlier this week that the new console hardware won’t make an appearance at E3, so expect this presentation to focus on software. Lots of the big Sony games from last year’s presentation still haven’t arrived, so hopefully the company takes the stage with some hard release dates. Check back here around 8:30pm ET on Monday for a link to our live stream.

Nintendo Treehouse Live – Tuesday, June 14 – 12pm ET

Nintendo’s E3 presentation is always different from the other major companies. The big N prefers to make its announcements on its own terms, but will still offer a Treehouse Live to share some Zelda gameplay footage and hopefully a few other surprises. Just don’t get your hopes up that you’ll see the NX this week… Check back here around 11:30pm ET on Tuesday for a link to our live stream.

What are you most excited to see announced or revealed at E3 2016? Let us know in the comments!

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