Game Rant’s E3 2015 Predictions: The Safe Bets and the Wild Guesses

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With only a few days left until E3 2015, developers and publishers are putting the final touches on their big presentations and announcements. We already know some of what to expect from the event, but there are likely even more surprise reveals in the works, and those are what have gamers the most intrigued.

Surprise announcements and reveals are what make E3 such a special event, even if oftentimes the secrets get leaked ahead of time. Without fail, there’s always at least one reveal that comes completely out of nowhere, and that’s what we are counting on yet again.

As a result, Game Rant has put together a handful of E3 2015 predictions that range from “Safe Bets” to “Shots in the Dark,” and no we didn’t try to go for the easy guesses. Here are Game Rant’s E3 2015 Predictions:

Safe Bets

These are the announcements that have a ton of evidence supporting their legitimacy. If the publishers or developers did not make these reveals then we would be very surprised.

1. BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 4 Gameplay

HD Remasters - Mass Effect

Last year, BioWare took the stage at EA’s press conference to tease two games: the next Mass Effect and a new IP from Casey Hudson. Since that time, however, the BioWare focus has been on teasing Mass Effect, so it only makes sense that the highly anticipated follow-up makes an appearance at E3 2015. There’s no doubt that EA will focus on Star Wars – and probably reveal what Visceral Games and Amy Hennig are working on – but Mass Effect 4 could serve as an important showstopper.

So far, all gamers have seen are concept art images and rough pre-viz sequences; it’s time to finally show fans what the future of Mass Effect looks like. Commander Shepard is gone, so there are so many different ways a new game could go.

2. Nintendo Lets Attendees Play Star Fox Wii U

Most Anticipated 2015 - Star Fox Wii U

If Nintendo is sticking to their proposed timeline, then Star Fox Wii U should be on full display at E3 2015. Of course, Nintendo doesn’t always stick to their release dates (e.g. The Legend of Zelda Wii U), but they claim that Star Fox is set to release this year. As such, it seems like a safe bet that the game will not only be on display during Nintendo’s pre-E3 Direct presentation, but it should be playable on the show floor in some capacity.

It’s been a long time since Nintendo fans have seen a true Star Fox game, but that will hopefully change in a week. No more off-screen, over-the-shoulder shots of game footage; now is the time to do a barrel roll front and center.

3. Gears of War 4 is Officially Revealed


After announcing their name change from Black Tusk Studios to The Coalition, the new Gears of War developer confirmed their plans to announce…something. One doesn’t go through the rigmarole of announcing a name change unless there is an announcement in the future, and most figure that announcement will be our first look at Gears of War 4 at E3 2015. Of course, it’s entirely possible that The Coalition will only show the rumored Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, but there has to be at least a little Gears of War 4 tease thrown in there somewhere. Even just a lancer cutting through a logo would be enough to have fans roaring with excitement.


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