E3 2014: ‘Fable Legends’ Will Have ‘Huge Presence’; EA To Reveal 6 New Titles

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With just three weeks remaining before all of the gaming world’s attention is drawn to Los Angeles and the yearly E3 gaming expo, developers and publishers have begun dropping hints as to what can be expected from the trade show. While gamers have come to expect certain high-profile announcements, there are sure to be quite a few surprising reveals over the course of the event as well, even if some games are being announced before the show (see: Far Cry 4 and Halo 5: Guardians).

In the case of Fable Legends, a significant showcase at the upcoming gaming expo was to be expected. Claiming to be the beginning of a new, “connected” era of Fable games, Fable Legends has established itself as one of the more intriguing titles on the horizon for Xbox One. While much is still unknown about the title, Lionhead Studios studio head John Needham claimed at Monday’s UK press event that that will be changing at this year’s E3.

Fable Legends is an exciting title that’s really fun already. We’re building it with Unreal Engine 4 and that combined with Xbox One has resulted in us building I think one of the most beautiful games on the platform… We’re super busy at the studio gearing up for E3. We’re going to have a huge presence there. You can come to our booth and play.”

Sporting multiple unique heroes and a 5-10 year lifespanFable Legends is an ambitious project that gamers are yearning to hear more about. Not only is the prospect of seeing Unreal Engine 4 in action tantalizing, but this “huge presence” will hopefully shed light on the game’s finer details like its possible “season-based” structure  as it treads ever nearer to release.

As if this weren’t enough to start generating excitement for the Los Angeles-based event, GameTrailers TV and Spike VGX host Geoff Keighley revealed through a recent tweet that Electronic Arts will be revealing six new titles during their one-hour press conference on June 9.

These six reveals will come in addition to confirmed conference presence of both Star Wars: Battlefront and The Sims 4. With so many titles on the way from EA, there should be something for everyone at this year’s event. Could this finally be the time that gamers get a better look at the sequel to parkour hit Mirror’s Edge? Whatever the titles end up being, it’s clear that EA’s hour-long conference will be a tightly-packed affair.

This is just the start of companies hinting at what they will be showing over the coming weeks. With so many high-profile announcements set to take place over the course of the three-day event, battling each other for headlines and attention, drumming up anticipation in advance is a common strategy that will likely continue to crop up as E3 2014 draws ever closer.

What games do you think EA will reveal during their press conference? More Star Wars games? What changes would you like to see Fable Legends make to the series?


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