E3 2014 Predictions: Follow Tomorrow’s Press Conferences With This Bingo Card

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Despite the fact that a ridiculous amount of news has already dropped in the week preceding this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming community still has at least a few major surprises to look forward to as E3 kicks off with a pre-show event tomorrow evening. There’s a long list of unannounced games set to take the stage between then and Thursday night, but despite the many unexpected reveals that are sure to sneak up on us, there are a number of occurrences that we’d be willing to bet money take place.

It wouldn’t be a video game industry public speaking forum without the presence of some painfully awkward banter and at least a few celebrities taking the stage and looking uncomfortable and/or out of place. Mix those in with the inevitable absence of Half-Life 3 updates and an angry fan-base and you’ve got yourself a video game conference. While following along with the news either at the show or from home, you can track the most likely E3 moments with a Bingo card thanks to Game Informer.

Print out the card and play along while following our coverage this week to see how accurate the predictions are. Don’t forget to call out Bingo in the comments when you finish!

e3 Bingo Sheet 2014

Many of the markers that poke fun at the presenters (poorly timed Wooo!, ill-advised innuendos, and trite talking points) are just as likely to pop up at any tech conference as they are within the video game industry. Some of the more exciting spaces are related to announcements that we’re all 99% sure are coming, but have still yet to be confirmed.

It’s been almost two years since the Wii U launched and Nintendo fans are still eagerly waiting to see Link take center stage on the console outside of  Smash Bros. and an HD remake. As much as we’d love to hear confirmation of a new Rockstar Games IP, the long-rumored sequel to Red Dead Redemption, or a brand new GTA for new-gen consoles; a port of GTA V for Xbox One and PS4 is almost a sure thing. With the promise of a Rockstar release for the new consoles by March 2015, either the company has managed to keep a new project tight under wraps in early development or it will be working on porting something that already exists.

In addition to the solid list that Game Informer came up with, there are a few other predictions that Game Rant would like to see thrown into the mix…

  • New-Gen Halo Port – Whether it’s Halo 2 Anniversary or some kind of massive Master Chief collection, Microsoft needs to get around to the long ago-promised Xbox One Halo experience before 2014 wraps up. The clock is ticking, fellas…
  • Steam Machines – Despite the recent delay of the Steam Controller and Machines, we’d be pretty surprised if there weren’t a few prototypes for the living room computers at the show. A display of power at E3 will help keep the products on consumers minds despite the shifting launch period.
  • Lots of Star Wars – With every tiny bit of Star Wars film news going viral since production started moving forward on Episode VII, it seems like EA must be working overtime to get at least one game in the mix to capitalize on the franchise’s revitalization. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation and a sneak peak of at least one Star Wars game.
  • Mass Effect – Enough time has passed to let the sour taste of the Mass Effect 3 ending fade from the mouths of gamers and it seems like the right time to give sci-fi fans something new to look forward to on the Mass Effect front. Whether it’s a re-release of the original trilogy for the eighth console generation or more concrete updates on Mass Effect 4, we expect to see BioWare deliver some kind of news about the property.

What are your big predictions for the show? Any announcements you’re crossing your fingers for? Let us know in the comments.


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Source: Game Informer