The week has seen some very interesting developments for next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Despite many strongly-worded opinions floating around on the internet regarding Microsoft and Sony, none can deny that the two gaming giants have attracted a flurry of attention, for very different reasons.

The Los Angeles-based Electronic Entertainment Expo is known for its huge announcements and product demonstrations, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, it is also home to some of the biggest blunders in recent gaming history, and recent information suggests that Microsoft is adding to that list.

The Xbox One has already had its fair share of negative publicity with Microsoft’sĀ stance on used games, dropped Live support outside of the 21 countries it will launch in, and an abundance of misinformation and uncertainty. Adding to this are recent photographs suggesting that Xbox One game demos shown at E3 were actually running on Windows 7-based PC setups.

Considering Microsoft is asking $499 for hardware that may very well not have been tested by the industry and media during the event, questions are being raised about whether or not the PC builds are running the same brand of video cards and truly comparable specs. Keep in mind, past E3 console demos have often run not on finalized hardware, but on systems with similar system power, and it could be as simple as the demo running on a makeshift devkit.

What is more worrying in this case however, is that Microsoft itself seems less than confident about using Windows 8 for its gaming demonstrations. After all, the operating system intended for Xbox One is a hybrid of Windows 8, along with other systems Microsoft has put together specifically for the next-generation console.

Taking into consideration everything gamers have seen unfold over the past few weeks, this particular incident will likely be met with little more than an eye roll on its own, but Microsoft needs to turn its image around in time for Xbox One’s November release window.

Xbox One releases in 21 countries worldwide this November for $499 US.

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