The Sony Press Conference has just ended and along with a handful of awesome game demos came big news regarding the recently renamed PlayStation Vita. Game Rant’s Anthony Taormina and Christian Spicer are coming at you with another video dispatch discussing the conference as a whole, Vita itself, and some of the big games that made appearances.

Among those titles revealed that stood out the most were Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Sly 4, and a pretty fantastic trailer for BioShock: Infinite.

While the major day of press conferences are over, this is only beginning as tomorrow brings not only the unveiling of the new Nintendo console, but the first full day of E3!

Now without further ado, the Sony Press Conference video dispatches:

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[bitsontherun pbrV8XVM]

What were your thoughts on the Sony Press Conference? Anything you saw you liked, didn’t like, care to comment on? Would you like to see more E3 video dispatches this week? Let us know in the comments below.