E3 is easily one of the biggest events in gaming, and even though the event doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, but Microsoft’s press event was scheduled to happen today. There has been a lot of anticipation building up to the point of nearly bursting as fans wondered what games would be coming to their Xbox 360s in the coming months. Now the cats have all gotten out of their bags, and the fattest cat to escape from this apparently massive bag is clearly Halo 4.

Early speculation lead many to believe that the only Halo game that would be announced this year was the remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, but as many fans were excited to learn — they were wrong. 343 Industries had confirmed earlier that they didn’t plan on leaving Halo 3’s ending as it was, and they did so by teasing the return of the Chief’s return to the franchise.

Halo 4 takes place after the events of Halo 3, and if you haven’t completed the game then *spoiler alert* Master Chief was sent into a cryogenic nap, leaving Cortana keep an eye on him while they waited for help. Many followers of the franchise weren’t content with the ending of Halo 3 though, and they’ll finally be able to see what happens after the fall of the Covenant.

You can see the trailer for yourself right after the jump.


The new game is just the beginning of another Halo trilogy, meaning that there will be two more games after this title launches. The debut trailer didn’t reveal too much about Halo 4’s story, but it seems that Cortana and Master Chief may have found themselves in some serious trouble.

The trailer begins with Cortana screaming for “John to wake up”, as the camera pans around the insides of the chief. It seems to hint that we’ll be getting a lot closer to seeing who is really behind the helmet, and just how human Spartan-117 really is.

Halo 4 is scheduled to launch Holiday 2012 exclusively on Xbox 360