While most of the nitty gritty about Fable: The Journey was revealed as part of our E3 2011 preview of the game, Lionhead Studios’ Peter Molyneux also shared a few details in regards to the game’s story.

Since, contrary to popular opinion after the Microsoft press conference, players will actually be able to explore a large chunk of Albion in Fable: The Journey, we thought it important to report-on the context for this adventure.

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Set soon after the events of Fable 3, The Journey puts players in control of a new hero who has just come upon Theresa; the blind fortuneteller featured prominently in the Fable series. Tasked with bringing Theresa to the Spire, our hero will have to venture through an Albion that will feel somewhat familiar.

According to Molyneux, this Albion will still be reeling (or rejoicing) from the player’s previous actions in Fable 3. The developer even added that Fable: The Journey will actually take specific data from your Fable 3 save file and implement it in the world of The Journey.

What exactly those specific world influences will be, Molyneux did not say, but we imagine it has something to do with which areas underwent renovation and which were left to rust.

Also responding to the player’s decisions will be the horse that navigates your buggy in the game. Dependent on how you treat your horse — whether you break out your whip to travel a bit faster or not — the equestrian creature might develop a luscious glow or could be all skin and bones. Think of Fable: The Journey’s horse as this version’s dog, how you interact with the horse will determine whether you are a noble or an evil character.

One significant difference between the horse in The Journey and the dog in previous Fables is the inclusion of Kinect. Though dogs are largely considered to be fairly smart animals, its intelligence pales in comparison to that of the horse. By voicing a certain command during each tug of the reins, your horse will eventually develop a connection between progressing forward and that specific command.

Fable The Journey - Horse Gameplay

Demonstrated by Molyneux — a gamer who loves to sit back and relax on the couch — players will eventually be able to say something like, “Move you old hag,” and their horse will begin trotting off. It’s a simple concept, but one that adds to the immersion of the experience.

Obviously there are still more Fable: The Journey details on the way, with this E3 2011 demo focusing only on showcasing the tech of the game rather than the final product — and with that also comes the opportunity for some of these story details to change or be altered. The general idea, we imagine, should be preserved, but things like Fable 3 save game interaction might change over time.

Still, after a demo that was less than desirable, Fable: The Journey has rebounded nicely with an intriguing concept and storyline. This could very well be the first hardcore Kinect title worth picking up.

What do you think of Fable: The Journey’s storyline details? What other ways would you like to see Lionhead implement Kinect in order to make a more immersive experience?