In the Nintendo booth area of E3, gamers run and walk in every direction as general pandemonium takes over. People ogle the Nintendo 3DS, the new Zelda game and approximately 2,587 other Nintendo-related products. Twenty feet over to the other side is a small booth for something called Cyber Clean.

I spoke with CEO Alan Sutton about, well, what Cyber Clean is, before I tried it myself. It turns out Cyber Clean is pretty useful if you have a dirty keyboard, CPU fan, controller, dirt in-between cell-phone keys etc – it’s literally just a slime that absorbs all the dirt and gunk from hard to reach places.

Here’s a clearly exciting live transcript of the CEO showing the stuff to me:

“It takes a few seconds for your hands to adjust to the PH levels. You paste it on, press it in, and it pulls the dirt in. The dirt is now trapped, and you can use it over and over and over again.”

As you use the stuff more, the slime gradually gets darker. Watching for a color marked on the label, you know when it’s time to throw out your Cyber Clean. It’s got a disinfectant in it, so it’s also killing any germs on the surface.

But really, does it work? Well, the laptop I’m writing on right now was a lot dirtier before I used a sample of Cyber Clean on it. The CPU fans, keys and mousetrack are now spotless – as is my Blackberry. For only $5, you really can’t go wrong with the surprisingly useful, uh, goo.

So there you have it folks – goo is actually really useful for something, especially if you’re a nerd. And as I askedĀ  the CEO (just to make sure), you shouldn’t feed it to your dog. You just know there’s one dude out there who was gonna try it.

And no, smelly E3 attendees, a liberal dose of Cyber Clean does not substitute a shower.

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