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The first full day of E3 2010 kicks off with one of the most anticipated events of the show: Nintendo's Press Conference.  We know we'll finally get a look at the 3DS.  But what about the new Zelda? Or the rumored Donkey Kong game from Retro? Stay tuned.  The conference is starting... now!

Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage

  • Zelda trailer!
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword is the title.
  • Wii remote with motion plus controls Link's sword, the nunchuck controls his shield.
  • Miyamoto comes onstage to show how to play the game.
  • A, B, C, & Z are the only buttons used - everything else is gestural.
  • Seems to be a bigger focus on combat than previous Zeldas.
  • New item: a Beetle that players fire into the air, then steer around.  It can grab items for players.
  • Graphically, the game most resembles Twilight Princess, though with a bit of Windwaker thrown in.
  • The game won't come out this year.

Sports Games

  • Volleyball, hockey, dodge ball, basketball - all in Mario Sports Mix.
  • Coming in 2011.


  • Dec. 2009, Wii set record for most sales of any videogame system in a single month in North America.
  • More Wii games sold in the 43 months since it launched than for any other platform ever for the same span of time.
  • NPD Study states that Wii owners play their system more often than other owners.
  • Research firm says more people intend to buy a Wii in the next six months than the other two platforms combined.
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii has sold more than 14 million copies worldwide.

Wii Party revealed

  • Uses Mii characters.
  • 13 different party game modes.
  • Board Game Island, Balance Boat, House Party Games.
  • Over 70 different mini-games.

Just Dance 2

  • First game sold "millions."
  • Over 40 songs in the game.
  • Up to 8 players.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

  • Still a DS (not 3DS) title.
  • Arrives "this Holiday season."

Golden Eye

  • Wii exclusive.
  • Split screen and online multiplayer.
  • Daniel Craig as bond.
  • In stores this holiday.

Disney Epic Mickey

  • Warren Spector and Adam Creighton take the stage.
  • Set in a world honoring 80 years of Disney history.
  • Exploring Venture Land, a sort of hub world.
  • The graphical reboot is for real - the  game looks great. Very lush, detailed, and colorful.
  • Using paint and thinner, players can create or erase the world.
  • Characters in the game react to the player differently depending on how the player changes the game world.
  • Combines adventure, platform, and role playing games.
  • Travel Zones - side scrolling platform games based on classic Disney cartoons.  Playing through Steamboat Willie onstage.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

  • Game looks like it's made out of embroidered cloth - Kirby is a yarn outline. The effect is really impressive.
  • Side scrolling platform game.
  • Slated for release this fall.

Dragon Quest 9

  • Sold 4.2 million copies in Japan.
  • 120 mini-quests, plus more available for download.
  • Over 300 kinds of monsters.
  • Over 900 items to customize player characters.
  • Infinite number of randomly generated treasure maps.
  • "Tag Mode" will add new characters and adventures to player's games, even when they are not playing.

Metroid: Other M

  • New trailer shown - the game looks as good as ever.
  • In stores August 31st.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • As rumored, the game is developed by Retro Studios.
  • Great looking, old school side scrolling game.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Reggie is taking a few swipes at in home 3D, and the glasses it requires.
  • Closed, 3DS looks a lot like current DS.
  • Open, the top screen is slightly wider than the bottom screen.
  • Top screen, 3.5 in wide screen display.
  • Will show full 3D graphics without the need for glasses.
  • 3D Depth Slider on system adjusts the degree of the 3D effect.
  • Only top screen is 3D. Only bottom screen is a touch screen.
  • Slide Pad - analog control pad sits above digital control pad.
  • 3DS also includes motion sensor and gyroscope.
  • Two external cameras allow 3D photography!
  • The system can play 3D films.  Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks 3D movie trailers displayed on the system at E3. No specific announcements about the availability of films for the system are being made today.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising!
  • Graphics look to be about Wii quality.
  • 3DS automatically seeks out Wi-Fi hot-spots and other 3DS systems.
  • Stages, quests, ghost data, and rankings download automatically - no player action required.
  • 3D Nintendogs & Cats in development.
  • DJ Hero, Mask of Miracle (by Level 5), Kingdom Hearts, Saints Row, Madden, a Tecmo Koei game (think it said Dynasty Warriors), Resident EvilBatman,Assassin's Creed, Ridge Racer, and  Metal Gear Solid games all in development.
  • Montage of developers talking about the system. Needless to say, they're all impressed.
  • Video of Iwata, Miyamoto, and Fils-Aime getting sucked into the 3DS closes the show. Fan service, but awesome.
  • An army of  3DS "Demonstrators" (models with systems belted to them) file into the theater. Everyone gets to see the system.  Also, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword demo stations are available.

And that's it!  No price or date revealed for 3DS were announced.  That said, it's hard to view Nintendo's conference as anything other than a slam dunk.  Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Epic Mickey, Kid Icarus, Golden Sun, Dragon Quest, Mario Sports Mix, Wii Party, and 3DS - that's an incredible line up.

Ranters, what did you think?  Did Nintendo deliver what you had hoped? Which games from the press conference are you most excited about?

Stay tuned into Game Rant for your live E3 2010 coverage!

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