Or should I say dance party? Rumored performers making an appearance include Eminem, Black-Eyed Peas, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. Perhaps these entertainers will be present to support the rolling out of DJ Hero 2...or maybe it’s just to wipe the bad taste out of everyone’s mouth over the Infinity Ward debacle. Either way, it should give everyone something to talk about! Make sure to check out our epilogue after the chat window.

Hey guys, I apologize about the end there. Right in the middle of Eminem’s second song, my battery finally went kaput. Maybe if Activision didn’t start more than a half-hour late, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

So what did you miss? Did a super team of Eminem, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lady Gaga form to sing “We Are the World”`to close the show? Did they also join together to form a giant elephant on an Xbox by using Kinect (what happened to that demo anyway?). Sorry, but the internet rumors were definitely off the mark. However, Rhianna did show up to do a melodramatic duet with Eminem, and he closed the show with the theme from 8 Mile, Lose Yourself, which was a huge crowd-pleaser.

I’m kind of torn about this press conference. On the one hand, the show was hugely entertaining and Activision outdid itself with the level of talent it presented. Plus, in full disclosure, Activision filled our bellies with beer and food. But the reality is, this is a convention about games, and there was very little shown in that regard.

Perhaps Activision just believes everyone knows what DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, and the Call of Duty franchise already offers and didn’t want to go and on about it. Frankly, it may have been the right strategy because I didn’t see too many unhappy journalists walking out of the building…nor did I see any others covering the event as most were too enthralled by the entertainment. You will likely see many bloggers proclaiming Activision stole the show.

As noted in the live blog, we will get our hands on Activision’s catalog for two-hours during this week. Hopefully, we’ll actually get to see some gameplay and it won’t be another round of watching an awesome DJ mesmerize the press.