Still, despite the fact that everybody expected news about inFamous 2 at E3, Sony and Sucker Punch Productions surprised many by unveiling a meaty debut trailer that provides viewers with a substantial look into Cole MacGrath’s advanced super powers, his new colossal adversary, and a re-imagined setting inspired by New Orleans.

What I am waiting for?  Check out the trailer here:

It looks like inFamous 2 picks up where the first game left off, especially as far as Cole’s powers are concerned.  Sucker Punch promises that “Cole starts out as a full superhero and only gets more and more powerful.”  We can see that sentiment reflected in the trailer, as Cole is wearing a new outfit, utilizing the evolved power of ice, and wielding what Sucker Punch describes as “the world’s biggest cattle prod.”

Oh, and even if the shadowy new villain resembles a 50 story bipedal licker on steroids (if you look quick, you can see its extend-a-tongue), that fight is sure to be challenging, long, and destructive.  As a fan of boss fights where you throw the controller down in disgust because of the difficulty, I hope that inFamous 2 provides the same experience for the PS3 owners out there.

What say you, Ranters?  Are you excited about this game?  Or does the the first look at Cole MacGrath’s new sandbox not appeal to you?

inFamous 2 will explode exclusively onto the PS3 in 2011.

Source:  PlayStation Blog