E3 2010: Defending The Homefront

Homefront Sequel Planned

What happens when regular people must come together to fight off and survive foreign invasion? This is the question presented, explored and answered in THQ’s upcoming first person shooter, Homefront.

The story of Homefront delves into the near future where North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies and his son takes over. Against all expectations, Kim Jong-un is able to bring North Korea and South Korea together as one united country, forming the Korean People's Army, and shortly thereafter wage war on Japan.

The U.S. military is forced to back out of the region, claiming they’re not abandoning their allies and Japan eventually surrenders and joins them. This is only the beginning and by the year 2017, the United States finds themselves under invasion from the newly expanded Korea.

With the U.S. Military scattered, no Government to be found and part of the country taken out by nuclear weapons, everyday people must fight to survive the incursion.

The demo started off with an intense trailer, depicting real-life news events leading up to the Korean invasion. After this, we were showed live gameplay footage and this is where the fun began.

You start by touring the little village you're in and meeting some of the characters you'll fight with or fight to protect. Soon we're out on our first mission and get thrown into the action, attacking a Korean camp.

"Intensity" is the word that best describes the level and the weapons. In this particular mission, you're providing sniper cover for an ambush on this area until a poorly shot friendly missile takes out your position and you find yourself navigating through the fire.

homefront multiplayer trailer

We're soon introduced to the Goliath, a six-wheeled weapons vehicle that can climb over objects and can fire rockets a multiple targets through a seemingly easy-to-use targeting system for which you control (you're on foot and not in the vehicle).

From here we find ourselves climbing one of the towers to avoid the fires until a helicopter takes it out and you come crashing down. During all of these intense action set piece moments, you remain in first person to maintain the immersion, pulled into the emotion and mayhem.

The entire crowd in attendance for this E3 demo came out excited and rightfully so. Kaos Studios and THQ are offering up a refreshing story and another new experience worth checking out in such a busy genre.

Homefront releases February 22, 2011 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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